43 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
The RipplerSent β21/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
Joe's PortholesSent β21/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
Joe's Portholes Sit StartSent β21/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
StaircaseSent β21/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
WingerSent β21/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
Wing WongSent β21/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
Flakes and ChipsSent β21/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
Tree CrackSolo01/Jul/13Black Rocks
Birch Tree Wall VariationsLead O/S01/Jul/13Black Rocks
Saul's CrackLead O/S27/Jun/13Roaches Upper Tier
Cemetery GatesLead O/S26/Jun/13Dinas Cromlech
SE Corner Crack - MantelshelfSent01/Jan/13Stone Farm
Boulder WallSent O/S01/Jan/13Stone Farm
Pillar FinishSent β27/Dec/12Split Infinity Cave
'N' GaugeLead O/S11/Nov/12Australia
GordonLead O/S11/Nov/12Australia
Those who climb clearly marked projects...Lead O/S11/Nov/12Australia
HopeLead O/S10/Nov/12Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Heather GrooveSolo20/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
Sunset CrackLead O/S20/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
Three Pebble SlabLead O/S20/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
Shell ShockLead O/S14/Oct/12St. Govan's Head
The candlestick makerLead O/S14/Oct/12St. Govan's Head
Sea MistLead O/S13/Oct/12Saddle Head
Urchin2nd13/Oct/12Saddle Head
No HandsLead O/S13/Oct/12Saddle Head
Ye Olde Naked ManLead β07/Sep/12Castleberg Crag
WallSent O/S06/Sep/12Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental MisfitsLead O/S06/Sep/12Denham Quarry
Halloween OutingLead O/S06/Sep/12Witches' Quarry
The Second Ice-fieldLead O/S04/Sep/12Giggleswick South
The White SpiderLead O/S04/Sep/12Giggleswick South
Black Swan RisingLead O/S04/Sep/12Giggleswick South
Damage caseLead O/S04/Sep/12Giggleswick South
The Arches2nd03/Sep/12Giggleswick South
MeerschaumLead dog03/Sep/12Giggleswick South
The Constant GardenerLead O/S03/Sep/12Giggleswick South
Groovy GraemeSent O/S28/Aug/12Harrisons Rocks
Alligator snatchSent x28/Aug/12Harrisons Rocks
Silver StarSent28/Aug/12Harrisons Rocks
original routeSent27/Aug/12Harrisons Rocks
Flake Wall2nd19/Aug/12Helsby
Chimney and TraverseLead19/Aug/12Helsby