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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
P95 (Javu)V1 5c *Sent O/S 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
Shark's FinV1 5c ***Sent rpt 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
P49 (Javu) L Wall Aretenone 5a Sent rpt 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
The ViceHVD *Solo rpt 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
PaddyM Solo O/S 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
PulpitVD Solo rpt 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
DevonleighHVD **Solo rpt 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
Liars DiceS 4a *Solo O/S 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
P100 (Javu) aka Overhanging JugsV0- 4c ***Sent O/S 04/Oct/14Hound Tor
thaneE1 5b **Lead O/SNick Eaton28/Sep/14Carn Kenidjack (Kenidjack...
Rock DancerE1 5b **Lead O/SNick Eaton28/Sep/14Carn Kenidjack (Kenidjack...
Bow WallE2 5b ***LeadRichard Nicholson27/Sep/14Bosigran
Suicide WallE1 5c ***AltLd O/SRichard Nicholson27/Sep/14Bosigran
Combined OpsE2 5b ***LeadSam Collins21/Sep/14Chudleigh Rocks
SarcophagusVS 4b ***2nd O/SSam Collins21/Sep/14Chudleigh Rocks
Machete WallE2 5c ***LeadSam Collins21/Sep/14Chudleigh Rocks
The SlotHVS 5a **2nd O/SSam Collins21/Sep/14Chudleigh Rocks
The Fifth AppendageE1 5b ***AltLd dnfAndrew Twemlow09/Sep/14Lundy
Venus FlytrapE2 5c ***Lead dogAndrew Twemlow08/Sep/14Lundy
AsafoetidaE1 5b **AltLd O/SAndrew Twemlow08/Sep/14Lundy
EclipseVS 4b ***AltLd O/SAndrew Twemlow08/Sep/14Lundy
The Devil's SlideHS 4a ***Solo O/SAndrew Twemlow07/Sep/14Lundy
DexterVS 4c Lead O/SAndrew Twemlow07/Sep/14Lundy
RedspeedE2 5c ***LeadAndrew Twemlow07/Sep/14Lundy
Devil's SpineVS 4b *2nd O/SAndrew Twemlow07/Sep/14Lundy
Satan's SlipE1 5a ***AltLd O/SAndrew Twemlow07/Sep/14Lundy
QuatermassE2 5c ***AltLdAndrew Twemlow06/Sep/14Lundy
The Flying ButtressM *Solo O/SAndrew Twemlow06/Sep/14Lundy
Double DiamondHVS 5b ***2nd O/SAndrew Twemlow06/Sep/14Lundy
Shangri-LaS 4a ***Solo O/SAndrew Twemlow05/Sep/14Baggy Point
MarionHS 4b *Solo rptAndrew Twemlow05/Sep/14Baggy Point
BenS 4a *Solo rptAndrew Twemlow05/Sep/14Baggy Point
GideonE1 5b ***Lead O/STom Harding31/Aug/14The Dewerstone
Central GrooveHS 4b ***2nd O/STom Harding31/Aug/14The Dewerstone
MoonrakerHVS ***Lead O/STom Harding30/Aug/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
ChokerE1 5a **Lead O/SAndrew Twemlow24/Aug/14Avon Gorge (Main Wall)
The LichHVS 5a **2nd rptAndrew Twemlow24/Aug/14Avon Gorge (Main Wall)
Voie Rébuffat (South Face)D+ ***AltLdRichard Nicholson14/Aug/14Aiguille du Midi
North FaceD- ***AltLdRichard Nicholson12/Aug/14Tour Ronde
SE ridgeAD **-Richard Nicholson12/Aug/14Tour Ronde
La Fissure6a Lead O/SRichard Nicholson10/Aug/14Dorénaz
Panorama5c AltLdRichard Nicholson08/Aug/14Jegihorn
North RidgeD **AltLdRichard Nicholson06/Aug/14Weissmies
North-West Flank & South-West Ridge - Normal RoutePD -Richard Nicholson06/Aug/14Weissmies
L'Index SE RidgeAD ***AltLdDavid Qualtrough, Richard...02/Aug/14Aiguilles Rouges
Flèche Rousse Ridge (East-South-East Ridge)AD **AltLdRichard Nicholson31/Jul/14Aiguille d'Argentiere
South-West Flank (Glacier du Milieu)PD+ **-Richard Nicholson31/Jul/14Aiguille d'Argentiere
North-West faceAD **AltLdDavid Qualtrough, Richard...28/Jul/14Petite Aiguille Verte
North-West RidgePD *AltLdDavid Qualtrough, Richard...28/Jul/14Petite Aiguille Verte
Mont Buet (North Ridge)3 -David Qualtrough, Richard...27/Jul/14Sixt Fer a Cheval
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