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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Resolution DirectS Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
Square Corner CrackD Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
Cook's WallS Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
Cook's RibD **Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
EndeavourVD Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
Resolution CornerHD Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
Zigzagnone 4c Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
Potter's Wallnone 4c Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
G.B.G.none 5a *Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
Flanged Wall DirectS Sent O/S 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
First of Manynone 5b *Sent dnf 05/Sep/14Captain Cook
WalkinS 4a 2nd βMartin Whitton15/Mar/13Peak Scar
CD B20 P1VB easy Sent O/SMartin Whitton07/Jan/13Caley Crags
Morris Minorf3 Sent O/SMartin Whitton07/Jan/13Caley Crags
Chipsf4 Sent O/SMartin Whitton07/Jan/13Caley Crags
Chipped Slabf3 Sent O/SMartin Whitton07/Jan/13Caley Crags
Playground Crackf2 Sent O/SMartin Whitton07/Jan/13Caley Crags
Tombstone - CD Problem 7VB easy Sent O/SMartin Whitton07/Jan/13Caley Crags
Chicken Headsf5 *Sent dnfMartin Whitton07/Jan/13Caley Crags
Twin CracksS 4a **TR βMartin Whitton05/Jan/13Park Nab
Wall Bar ButtressS 4a *TR βMartin Whitton05/Jan/13Park Nab
Long BowVS 4c ***TR βMartin Whitton05/Jan/13Park Nab
CD 7 Problem 4V3 6a Sent dnf 03/Sep/12Almscliff
The PostmanHS 4c **Sent dnf 03/Sep/12Almscliff
CD 7 Problem 7 - Hanging ArÍteV2 5c *Sent x 03/Sep/12Almscliff
Hop Scotchf3 Sent O/S 03/Sep/12Almscliff
Strollf3 Sent O/S 03/Sep/12Almscliff
Toe Pokef4+ Sent O/S 03/Sep/12Almscliff
Sucker's Wall CD Problem 7V0 5b Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Sucker's Wall, CD Problem 9VB 4c Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Sucker's Wall, CD Problem 10VB 4c Sent O/S 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Sucker's Wallf4 Sent β 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Sucker's Ribf5 *Sent dnf 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Smear Arete Leftf6A *Sent dnf 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Flapjack Scoopf5+ Sent x 20/Jun/12Caley Crags
Wall and LedgeD ***2nd βMartin Whitton21/May/12Wainstones
Groove and CrackHVD *2nd βMartin Whitton21/May/12Wainstones
Ling ButtressHS 4b **2nd βMartin Whitton21/May/12Wainstones
Trackside Leftf4+ Sent xMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
CD B15 Edges, P6V0 5a *Sent xMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
B2, P13VB 4c Sent xMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
B2, P15VB 4a Sent xMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
Lueyf4 Sent xMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
B8, P16V0 5b Sent xMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
Hueyf5 Sent xMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
Donaldf6B+ Sent dnfMartin Whitton03/May/12Brimham Rocks
B1, P14VB 4b Sent x 16/Apr/12Brimham Rocks
B1, P15VB Sent x 16/Apr/12Brimham Rocks
Trench Footf5+ Sent x 16/Apr/12Brimham Rocks
Trenchf5+ *Sent x 16/Apr/12Brimham Rocks
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