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NameStyleDate Crag name
FinaleLead O/S06/Apr/15Castle Inn Quarry
School MamLead O/S06/Apr/15Castle Inn Quarry
The CakewalkLead rpt06/Apr/15Castle Inn Quarry
Route 3Lead O/S06/Apr/15Castle Inn Quarry
Route 2Lead O/S06/Apr/15Castle Inn Quarry
He Who Dares, Grins (Standing)Sent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
He Who Dares, GrinsSent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
Rock the LadiesSent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
Born To LoveSent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
Lust Is A Downward SlopeSent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
The Dark Side Of the SwoonSent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
A Boy Named Bill or GeorgeSent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
A Girl Named Hugh?Sent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
Muscle TussleSent05/Apr/15Stony Edge
Ramble RouserSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Stair TrekSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Standing on a StomachSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Grab the HatSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Do Like ZoidbergSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
To HeckSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
ScribbleSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Big StrokeSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Big PurSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
CulminateSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
The Middle BookSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
UpdraftSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Slow DanceSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
No DanceSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Jiggery SloperySent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Jiggery Slopery (Sit Start)Sent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Summit FeverSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
GritwormSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Shy SideSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Shy Side (Sit Start)Sent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Ballet ShoesSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
CakewalkSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Get a GripSent??/Jan/15Stony Edge
Flake SlabSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Joy of NoledgeSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Joy of LedgeSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
The ArchSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
The Arch DirectSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
The Arch EliminateSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
T SlabSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
T Slab AreteSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Wave SlabSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Short AreteSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
The Spine Left HandSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Angle AreteSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
Angle Arete RightSent??/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride