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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
SamoonHVS 5a *Sent26/Jun/15Windmore End
Smoke RingS *Sent26/Jun/15Windmore End
Far GrooveVD *Sent26/Jun/15Windmore End
Rebel Without a PauseE3 5c ***Sent26/Jun/15Windmore End
AlvertonE2 5c Sent26/Jun/15Windmore End
Viva Garibaldi!E3 6a **Sent26/Jun/15Windmore End
Light BulbVS 5a *Sent26/Jun/15Windmore End
Pingers Left-handVS 5a -24/Jun/15Scugdale - Scot Crags
Pingers Right-handVS 5c Sent24/Jun/15Scugdale - Scot Crags
PingersVS 5a **Sent24/Jun/15Scugdale - Scot Crags
El Presidento Robbo6b *Lead10/Jun/15Coudy Rock
Perfect Weather to Fly7a **Lead10/Jun/15Coudy Rock
FriarfoldV0- 4b Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Fry upV1 5b Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Friar TuckV0 5a *Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
HushV2 5c *Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Ye Old FriarsV1 5a **Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Gangue WayV0- 4b Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Gable EndV0- 4c *Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
The PigV1 5b Sent25/May/15Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Hara-KiriHVS 5a *Lead05/May/15Park Nab
Wall Bar ButtressS 4a *Lead05/May/15Park Nab
Problem 27f6A+ Sent27/Apr/15Crag Hill
Wall Bar ButtressS 4a *2nd24/Apr/15Park Nab
Chairman's ClimbVS 4b **Lead O/S24/Apr/15Park Nab
Hara-Kiri DirectHVS 5b 2nd24/Apr/15Park Nab
Long BowVS 4c ***2nd24/Apr/15Park Nab
BowstringHVS 5b *Lead24/Apr/15Park Nab
The EndVS 4c *Solo O/S24/Apr/15Park Nab
Twin CracksHS 4b **Lead O/S24/Apr/15Park Nab
Zero RouteE1 5b **2nd24/Apr/15Park Nab
Gillercombe ButtressS 3c **AltLd22/Apr/15Gillercombe
Central Aretef6A+ **Sent20/Apr/15Crag Hill
Groove and CrackHVD *2nd06/Apr/15Wainstones
East Sphinx DirectVS 5a 2nd06/Apr/15Wainstones
Sphinx Nose TraverseS 4a ***2nd06/Apr/15Wainstones
Tiny's Dilemma VariationVD Lead06/Apr/15Wainstones
Wall and LedgeD ***Lead06/Apr/15Wainstones
Concave WallHVS 5b ***Lead06/Apr/15Wainstones
Jumping Jack FlashE2 6a Sent x04/Apr/15Goldsborough Carr
Fiddlers AreteE1 5b **Solo rpt04/Apr/15Goldsborough Carr
Flake and Crackf3 *Sent rpt04/Apr/15Goldsborough Carr
Old Mossf5+ **Sent x04/Apr/15Goldsborough Carr
Pudding Stone The SlabV2 5c *Sent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Two Tier Left WallV2 5c Sent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Two Tier The AreteVB 4b Sent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Two Tier Right WallV1 5b Sent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Three Tier Autumnal AreteV3 6a Sent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Bilberry LedgeVB 4b Sent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
The Sheepfold Left EdgeV1 5b Sent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow