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NameStyleDate Crag name
Pudding Stone The SlabSent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Two Tier Left WallSent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Two Tier The AreteSent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Two Tier Right WallSent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Three Tier Autumnal AreteSent27/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Cracked plateSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Bilberry LedgeSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
The Sheepfold Left EdgeSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
The Sheepfold SW AreteSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Slide upSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
The Sheepfold Mantleshelf 1Sent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
The Sheepfold Mantleshelf 2Sent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
The Sheepfold Mantleshelf 3Sent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Buttress at the Back The GrooveSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Buttress at the Back The L WallSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Buttress at the Back The Bulging AreteSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Buttress at the Back The R WallSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Buttress at the Back TraverseSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Buttress at the Back The CaveSent22/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Pudding Stone Prow LHSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Pudding Stone Prominent ProwSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Pudding Stone The CrackSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Pudding Stone Arete RHSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Pudding Stone The TraverseSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Matterhorn Boulder Left AreteSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Matterhorn Boulder Right AreteSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Matterhorn Boulder The East FaceSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Three Tier The CrackSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Three Tier The Arete1Sent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Three Tier South FaceSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Three Tier The Arete 2Sent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Three Tier The ScoopSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Easterly Group The Arete 1Sent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Easterly Group The ScoopSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Easterly Group The UndercutSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Easterly Group The CrackSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Easterly Group The Arete 2Sent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
Right of CornerSent21/Mar/15Sunnybrow
CentipedeAltLd O/S20/Mar/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
The Original RouteAltLd O/S20/Mar/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
Little Bo-Peep2nd18/Mar/15Wainstones
Ling Buttress2nd18/Mar/15Wainstones
Groove and CrackLead18/Mar/15Wainstones
Sphinx Nose TraverseLead18/Mar/15Wainstones
Impossible SlabSent x25/Dec/14Crag Hill
Problem 26 Sit StartSent26/Sep/14Crag Hill
Thin CrackSent26/Sep/14Crag Hill
Problem 36Sent26/Sep/14Crag Hill
Sharp Arete Sit StartSent26/Sep/14Crag Hill
On the TilesSent26/Sep/14Crag Hill