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NameStyleDate Crag name
Nuts and BerriesLead09/Nov/14Muckross Head
FrothLead09/Nov/14Muckross Head
Calvins CornerLead09/Nov/14Malinbeg
BarabasLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Hot Cross BunsLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Gadaffy duckLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Gripple Wall2nd??/Jun/14Gola Island
Weathered WindowLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Corner BoyLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Pig GardenLead??/Jun/14Inland Crag
Days of WonderLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Days of Wine and RosesLead dog??/Jun/14Gola Island
The MothmanLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
DidEye and ChinfaceLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Pride of GolaLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
BootlegLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Jean A ChevalLead??/Jun/14Gola Island
Pride of GolaLead??/Jun/13Gola Island
Corner BoyLead??/Jun/13Gola Island
Days of WonderLead??/Jun/13Gola Island
Weathered Window2nd??/Jun/13Gola Island
LegislatorSolo??/Jun/13Gola Island
ThugLead??/Jun/13Gola Island
The Mothman2nd??/Jun/13Gola Island
You Forgot the Battery MummyLead??/Jun/13Gola Island
Pigs GardenSolo??/Jun/13Gola Island
Buzz Light YearLead??/Jun/13Gola Island
Maid of GolaLead??/Jun/13Gola Island
Jean A Cheval2nd??/Jun/13Gola Island
Chequers ButtressLead O/S??/Mar/13Froggatt Edge
StokedLead O/S??/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Stoker's Hole2nd??/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Fo'c'sle CrackLead??/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Fo'c'sle Wall2nd??/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Mast Gully CrackLead??/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Less Bent2nd??/Mar/13Burbage South Edge
The Wedge2nd??/Mar/13Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress DirectLead??/Mar/13Stanage Popular
Eastern SlantAltLd??/Jan/13Aonach Dubh, East Face
Castle Ridge-??/Jan/13Ben Nevis
West Gully2nd??/Jan/13Beinn Udlaidh
Flying EnterpriseLead18/Nov/12Malinbeg
Days of WonderLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
Weathered WindowLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
LegislatorLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
Gadaffy duckLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
Hot Cross BunsLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
BarabasLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
ResurrectionLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
Easter EggLead??/Jun/12Gola Island
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