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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Moss Wallnone 3b -???/2014Stone Farm
Moss Wall - Leftnone 4b -???/2014Stone Farm
Moss Wall - Rightnone 4c -???/2014Stone Farm
Pyramid Routenone 4b -???/2014Stone Farm
Kneeling Bouldernone 4b -???/2014Stone Farm
Kneeling Boulder - Direct Startnone 5c -???/2014Stone Farm
Obscence Gesturenone 3a -???/2014Stone Farm
Pine Buttressnone 5c *-???/2014Stone Farm
The Rampnone 2a -???/2014Stone Farm
The Facenone 4a -???/2014Stone Farm
The Face - Right Finishnone 4b -???/2014Stone Farm
Root Chimneynone 1a -???/2014Stone Farm
Slab Buttressnone 4b -???/2014Stone Farm
Slab Directnone 4a *-???/2014Stone Farm
Slab Aretenone 2a *-???/2014Stone Farm
Garden Wall Cracknone 3a *-???/2014Stone Farm
Controlnone 5c -???/2014Stone Farm
Garden Wall Traversenone 3a -???/2014Stone Farm
Holly Leaf Cracknone 1b -???/2014Stone Farm
Holly Leaf Crack Boulder - Left Handnone 5b -???/2014Stone Farm
Holly Leaf Crack Boulder - Centernone 6a -???/2014Stone Farm
Holly Leaf Crack Boulder - Right Handnone 5a -???/2014Stone Farm
Thinnone 5c *-???/2014Stone Farm
Thin - Wall to Leftnone 5b -???/2014Stone Farm
Chipperydoodahnone 6a -???/2014Stone Farm
Chipperydoodah - Direct Finishnone 6b -???/2014Stone Farm
Disillusionnone 5c -???/2014Stone Farm
Inside or Out?none 2b -???/2014Stone Farm
Gus the Dognone 5c -???/2014Stone Farm
Front Facenone 5b *-???/2014Stone Farm
Undercut Wallnone 4a **-???/2014Stone Farm
Undercut Wall - Right Aretenone 4a -???/2014Stone Farm
A Cheeky Little Numbernone 5b -???/2014Stone Farm
Pinnacle Buttressnone 5b **-???/2014Stone Farm
Pinnacle Buttress Original Routenone 4a -???/2014Stone Farm
Praying Mantlesnone 5b -???/2014Stone Farm
Easy Cracknone 2a *-???/2014Stone Farm
Bare Necessitiesnone 6a -???/2014Stone Farm
Bare Essentialsnone 5c -???/2014Stone Farm
Bare Essentials - Direct Finishnone 6a -???/2014Stone Farm
Pinnacle Chimneynone 2a -???/2014Stone Farm
Central Jordannone 2a -???/2014Stone Farm
Key Wallnone 5a *-???/2014Stone Farm
Key Wall Right Handnone 5a -???/2014Stone Farm
Belle Vue Terracenone 6a **-???/2014Stone Farm
East Jordan Routenone 2b -???/2014Stone Farm
East Jordan Route - No Bridgingnone 4a -???/2014Stone Farm
Milestone Aretenone 4a -???/2014Stone Farm
Traverse and Cracknone 2a -???/2014Stone Farm
Traverse and Crack - Left to Right Diagonalnone 1b -???/2014Stone Farm