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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Almost There5a TR08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
Tirf's High6a+ TR08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
Peckling Fever5c Lead08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
Babe The Blue Axe5c Lead08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
Corinthian Spirit6a Lead08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
Into the Labyrinth6a TR08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
By Zeus6a+ TR08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
Second Prize6a TR08/Aug/15Horseshoe Quarry
De Vette Os5a Lead01/Aug/15Pont a Lesse
Castel 1.114c Lead01/Aug/15Pont a Lesse
L'Ad Rance4c Lead01/Aug/15Pont a Lesse
Premier de Corvee4a Lead01/Aug/15Pont a Lesse
Lune de Pelle5a Lead01/Aug/15Pont a Lesse
Bier-Buffet3+ Lead01/Aug/15Pont a Lesse
Silence on Tombe4a Lead01/Aug/15Pont a Lesse
Reinhard Schiestl-KlettersteigVF4C **Lead28/Jul/15Reinhard Schiestl
Opening Call5a Lead18/Jul/15Halldale Quarry
Nit-Wit4a Lead18/Jul/15Cawdor Quarry
Unbalanced5a Lead18/Jul/15Cawdor Quarry
Porn to Run6a+ TR18/Jul/15Cawdor Quarry
The Porn Curtain5a Lead18/Jul/15Cawdor Quarry
Ma Pechere5a Lead18/Jul/15Cawdor Quarry
Foreign Tongues6a *Lead05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Men at Work5a Lead05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
School's Out6a+ *TR05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Potty6a TR05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Psycho Ceramic6a+ TR05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
The Bog6a Lead05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Minnie3 Lead05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Daffy4a Lead05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Donald3+ Lead05/Jul/15Horseshoe Quarry
Pendulum Corner5b Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
Agent Orange5c Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
Shakin' that A554c Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy2 TR28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
Call the 'Trad' Police4c Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
Jack the Jeffer6a+ Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
A55 hole ArÍte5a Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
Jefferson Slab5c TR28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
Y Clip Aur5c Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
A55 Crack6b+ Lead28/Jun/15Penmaenbach Quarry
The Evolution of Micradia5c *Lead21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Swooping on Nigel's Ruby5c *Lead21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Slate Gray Lining5c Lead21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Posing till the End5a *Lead21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
I am a Poser and I Don't Care5c *TR21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Garth was 'ere6a TR21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
What a Pity6b TR21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Desperation of Freedonia6a TR21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Reincarnation Of Catatonia6a TR21/Jun/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)