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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Face Route 1D *Solo O/S19/Feb/13Windgather Rocks
Aged CrackS 4a *Lead O/S19/Feb/13Windgather Rocks
Middle and LegD *2nd O/S19/Feb/13Windgather Rocks
Overhanging AreteVD Solo O/S19/Feb/13Windgather Rocks
Middle Triplet CrackS 4a Lead O/S19/Feb/13Windgather Rocks
Broken GrooveD *2nd19/Feb/13Windgather Rocks
Honest JonnyD Lead O/S19/Oct/12Ramshaw Rocks
Leeds SlabHS 4b 2nd19/Oct/12Ramshaw Rocks
WellingtonsVD *2nd19/Oct/12Ramshaw Rocks
The Big Red Jacket (The Last Wet Wednesday)VS 4b Lead??/Jul/12Lawrencefield
Positively 4th Street arete variantVS 4c 2nd??/Jul/12Lawrencefield
MeringueHVS 5a *2nd??/Jul/12Lawrencefield
Chockstone ChimneyD *2nd??/Jul/12Windgather Rocks
Mississippi CrackS 4a **Lead??/Jul/12Windgather Rocks
North Buttress Arete DirectVS 4c **2nd??/Jul/12Windgather Rocks
Poop Deck CrackS 4a *Lead??/Mar/12Birchen Edge
Emma's TemptationHVD 4c *2nd??/Mar/12Birchen Edge
Trafalgar WallS 4b ***Lead??/Mar/12Birchen Edge
Emma's DelightHS 4b *2nd??/Mar/12Birchen Edge
Scrim NetE1 6a 2nd??/Mar/12Birchen Edge
Route 1 - Right hand variationHVS 5a Lead rpt???/2012Windgather Rocks
First's AreteVD *2nd14/Jul/11Windgather Rocks
Nose DirectHVD **Lead O/S14/Jul/11Windgather Rocks
Route 1 - Right hand variationHVS 5a 2nd14/Jul/11Windgather Rocks
Bulging AreteS 4a Lead O/S14/Jul/11Windgather Rocks
Squashed FingerHVD *Lead O/S14/Jul/11Windgather Rocks
Side FaceS 4a Solo14/Jul/11Windgather Rocks
Days Gone ByS 4a Lead O/S13/Jul/11Roaches Skyline
Inverted StaircaseD ***2nd13/Jul/11Roaches Upper Tier
Karabiner ChimneyHVD *2nd13/Jul/11Roaches Skyline
Breakfast ProblemVD *2nd13/Jul/11Roaches Skyline
Breakfast ProblemVD *Lead O/S13/Jul/11Roaches Skyline
Expecting5a Lead O/S12/Jul/11Harpur Hill Quarry
The Golden Goose6a Lead O/S12/Jul/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Gargle Blaster6a Lead RP13/Apr/11Horseshoe Quarry
Luke Skywalker4a Lead rpt13/Apr/11Horseshoe Quarry
Uranus3+ 2nd13/Apr/11Horseshoe Quarry
Inverted StaircaseD ***Lead O/S12/Apr/11Roaches Upper Tier
Maud's GardenHVD 3c ***Lead RP12/Apr/11Roaches Upper Tier
A Tracky Little Problem4a Lead O/S27/Mar/11Horseshoe Quarry
Gargle Blaster6a 2nd27/Mar/11Horseshoe Quarry
Klingon4a *Lead O/S27/Mar/11Horseshoe Quarry
Luke Skywalker4a Lead O/S27/Mar/11Horseshoe Quarry
Uranus3+ Lead O/S27/Mar/11Horseshoe Quarry
Route 1HS 4a Lead O/S23/Feb/11Windgather Rocks
CentreHVD 3c *Lead O/S23/Feb/11Windgather Rocks
Corner CrackVD *Lead O/S23/Feb/11Windgather Rocks
Leg StumpM *Lead O/S23/Feb/11Windgather Rocks
Heather FaceHD *Lead O/S23/Feb/11Windgather Rocks
Leaning Buttress CrackVD **Lead O/S15/Oct/10Stanage Popular