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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Where Silence Has Lease6c **Lead O/S04/May/13Cheyne Wears Area
Future Imperfect6a+ **Lead O/S04/May/13Cheyne Wears Area
Jacob's Ladder5a *Lead O/S04/May/13Cheyne Wears Area
Harpies and Quines6b+ **Lead O/S04/May/13Cheyne Wears Area
Wonderlust6b **Lead O/S04/May/13Cheyne Wears Area
Touch The Earth7a+ Lead RP28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Constant Companion5a Lead O/S28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Cruise Control6a+ **Lead O/S28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Punter's Way6a+ **Lead O/S22/Apr/13Blacknor Far South
Nothing's Shocking6a+ *Lead O/S22/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Brace Yourself Sheila5a *Lead O/S22/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Mechanoids7a **Lead dog22/Apr/13Blacknor Far South
Modern Nightmare7a **Lead RP21/Apr/13The Cuttings
Mousefolk6c *Lead rpt21/Apr/13The Cuttings
Limbo Dancer5a Lead rpt21/Apr/13The New Cuttings
Flowers on the Razor Wire6c **Lead RP21/Apr/13The New Cuttings
Buddleia Boulevard5a Lead O/S21/Apr/13The New Cuttings
Inch Perfect, Inchworm6b+ **Lead O/S21/Apr/13Battleship Main
Brief Encounter6a+ **Lead O/S15/Apr/13The Cuttings
Spanner Eyes7b *Lead RP07/Apr/13Blacknor North
Crocadilia6a *Lead rpt07/Apr/13Blacknor North
Slings Shot5a ***Lead rpt07/Apr/13Blacknor North
Toxic Shock6b Lead O/S01/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Das Goot, Yah?6b *Lead O/S01/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Room With A View6a+ *Lead RP01/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Mr Ripple6a *Lead O/S01/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Lapse In Taste5c Lead O/S01/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Three Pounds Per Tonne4a Lead O/S01/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
The Watchman6b ***Lead O/S29/Mar/13Wallsend South
Blue Faced Booby6c **Lead O/S29/Mar/13Wallsend South
Accordions Go Crazy6b+ **Lead O/S29/Mar/13Wallsend South
Vin Chaud7a ***Lead O/S29/Mar/13Wallsend South
Kit Kat6b **Lead O/S12/Mar/13Blacknor Central
Fat Falling Pigs6b *Lead O/S12/Mar/13Blacknor Central
Monsoon Malabar6a **Lead O/S12/Mar/13Blacknor Central
Stone Mason6a+ **Lead O/S10/Mar/13Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ *Lead O/S10/Mar/13Winspit
Spanner Eyes7b *Lead dog03/Mar/13Blacknor North
Crocadilia6a *Lead O/S03/Mar/13Blacknor North
Slings Shot5a ***Lead O/S03/Mar/13Blacknor North
Choco Loni7b **Lead dnf22/Feb/13Battleship Main
Victims of Fashion7a+ ***Lead RP22/Feb/13Battleship Main
The Price of Silence6a **Lead rpt22/Feb/13Battleship Back Cliff
Fingers RidgeIV 4 ***2nd O/S07/Feb/13Coire an t'Sneachda
Crotched GullyII 2nd O/S06/Feb/13Coire an t'Sneachda
North GullyIII *2nd O/S05/Feb/13Lurcher's Crag
Laughing Peter7a+ **TR dog15/Jan/13Wallsend South
No Place for Mambas6b **Lead O/S15/Jan/13Wallsend South
Lamb ShankV4 *Sent x13/Jan/13The Cuttings Boulderfield
Hung Out to DryV1 *Sent O/S13/Jan/13The Cuttings Boulderfield