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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
First Blocks P3 Sit Start V5 ** Sent 21/May The Sheep Pen
Toe Dragon (Main Block P2) V5 ** Sent 21/May The Sheep Pen
Dog Shooter (Main Block P3) V4 *** Sent 21/May The Sheep Pen
Dirty Slapper V6 ** Sent 21/May The Sheep Pen
The Duck-billed Platypus f7A+ * Sent 04/May Duck Boulders
Morning Sickness f6B *** Sent 24/Apr Clattering Stones
Pool Traverse f6B+ * Sent 24/Apr Widdop
Splashdown f6B ** Sent 24/Apr Widdop
Pick Pocket's Crack f6A+ * Sent 24/Apr Widdop
Four Square f6A+ ** Sent 24/Apr Widdop
Flake Charmer f7A Sent 24/Apr Widdop
Quite Tired f6B Sent 23/Apr Clattering Stones
Red Edge Left f5+ - 23/Apr Widdop
Red Edge Right f5+ ** - 23/Apr Widdop
Simon's Alphabetical Beard f6C+ * Sent 21/Apr Arnecliff Woods
Button Moon f5+ ** Sent 17/Apr Curbar Edge
Last Light V5 * Sent 17/Apr Curbar Edge
Buy Buy V5 * Sent 17/Apr Curbar Edge
Art of Japan f6C ** Sent 17/Apr Curbar Edge
Chimney Crack V1 Sent 17/Apr Curbar Edge
Dressed ArÍte V2 Sent 17/Apr Curbar Edge
Chippy Direct V3 Sent 10/Apr Curbar Edge
The Ultimate Gritstone Experience V5 *** Sent 10/Apr Curbar Edge
Business Launch V4 Sent 08/Apr Stanage Plantation
Vin Rouge (Tire-Bouchon) f7A+ ** Sent 27/Mar Franchard Isatis