239 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Per's Pearler Problemf7A Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Rumour Has Itf7A Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Scorpions and Mushroomsf6B+ Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Durka, Durka, Wildebeestf7A *Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Lord Greystokef7B *Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Soggy Teabagf7A+ Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
No Hans Solof6B Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Little Matf5 Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Zanzibarf7B+ Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Desert Rosef6A Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
One with the freaksf7A Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Up Topf7A Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Direct Contactf7A Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Boereworsf6B+ *Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Dirty Hippief6B Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Ciao bellaf6A Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Tiger Clawf6C ***Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Bad Boy for Lifef5+ Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Take Off Your Shoesf5+ Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Jungle gymf6B Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Coal Chamberf6B+ Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Guillotinef6C Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Sigif6C Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Buff the bananaf7A *Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Feistf6B+ **Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Bols Islandf7A **Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Sex Etiquettef6C+ Sent O/S??/Aug/15Rocklands
Esoterroristf7A Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Springbokf7B ***Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Un petit Hueco dans Rocklandsf7B+ ***Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
John Denverf7A ***Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Creeperf7A **Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Joke of the dayf6B *Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Kieslf7A Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Bow Downf6B+ Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Vin Rouge (Tire-Bouchon)f7A+ **Sent x26/May/15Franchard Isatis
Cannonballf7B **Sent x26/May/15Franchard Isatis
Légitime Adhérencef6B+ Sent x25/May/15Apremont
Égoïstef7A **Sent x25/May/15Apremont
Sa Pelle au Logisf7A **Sent x21/May/15Gorge aux chats
Double Jeu-téf7A ***Sent x21/May/15Gorge aux chats
Rêve de Formes (red 26)f6A *Sent O/S10/Apr/15Petit Bois
La Traversée du Désert (red 29)f5+ *Sent x10/Apr/15Petit Bois
Le Plat Pays (Black 26)f6B+ *Sent O/S10/Apr/15Petit Bois
La Prise Clé (Black 22)f7A *Sent O/S10/Apr/15Petit Bois
Beaute verticalef5+ *Sent O/S10/Apr/15Petit Bois
Équilibre (Red 27)f6A **Sent O/S10/Apr/15Petit Bois
Le Don Jon (Blue 45)f4 Sent O/S10/Apr/15Petit Bois
Plein Vide (red 15)f5 Sent O/S10/Apr/15Petit Bois
Le Petit Frère (Red 20)f5 Sent x10/Apr/15Petit Bois