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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Creagh Dhu WallHS 4b ***AltLdJim Barritt12/Oct/14Craig y Castell (Tremadog)
BezelVS 5a *LeadJim Barritt11/Oct/14Gogarth North Stack and Main...
The GauntletHVS 5a **LeadJim Barritt11/Oct/14Gogarth North Stack and Main...
Quatre Fois DirectVS 4c **LeadJim Barritt10/Oct/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Poor Man's PeutereyS **AltLdJim Barritt10/Oct/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Fine LineD *LeadIan Riddell10/Sep/14Carn Gowla
Touch the EarthVS 4c **2ndCornish Dave20/Aug/14Carn Gowla
Whispering WindE1 5b *2ndIan Riddell17/Aug/14St. Govan's East
First BloodE2 5c ***Lead dogIan Riddell17/Aug/14St. Govan's East
Rear WindHVS 5a *2ndIan Riddell16/Aug/14St. Govan's East
CalistoE1 5b *LeadIan Riddell16/Aug/14St. Govan's East
Diedre SudHS 4a ***2ndIan Riddell16/Aug/14Mowing Word
SealhuntE1 5b **LeadIan Riddell16/Aug/14Mowing Word
DemeraraVS 4c *LeadCornish Dave13/Aug/14Carn Gowla
Astral StrollE1 5b ***AltLdIan Riddell03/Aug/14Zawn Duel and Carn Gloose
FaginHVS 5a 2ndIan Riddell03/Aug/14Pedn Kei Area
The Long Traverse4c S1 **Solo 27/Jul/14Sanctuary Wall
The VaultE1 *AltLdIan Riddell23/Jul/14Carn Gowla
East Tower AreteD LeadJim Barritt20/Jul/14Rosemergy Towers
NC MadnessVS 4c LeadJim Barritt20/Jul/14Rosemergy Towers
Baumroute6a AltLdJamie Trump04/Jul/14Ueschenen
SE Flanke4c *AltLdJamie Trump03/Jul/14Bire
Lagginhorn summitsummit -Jamie Trump28/Jun/14Lagginhorn
South-South-West RidgeAD ***-Jamie Trump28/Jun/14Lagginhorn
West-South-West Ridge (Normal Route)PD -Jamie Trump28/Jun/14Lagginhorn
North-East RidgePD -Jamie Trump26/Jun/14Nadelhorn
North-West RidgePD -Jamie Trump26/Jun/14Nadelhorn
Stecknadelhorn summitsummit -Jamie Trump26/Jun/14Stecknadelhorn
North West RidgePD -Jamie Trump26/Jun/14Stecknadelhorn
Hohberghorn summitsummit -Jamie Trump26/Jun/14Hohberghorn
East-South-East RidgePD -Jamie Trump26/Jun/14Hohberghorn
South-South-West RidgeAD AltLdJamie Trump24/Jun/14Egginer
North-North-East RidgeAD AltLdJamie Trump24/Jun/14Egginer
West-North-West RidgeF -Jamie Trump22/Jun/14Joderhorn
South-East RidgeD ***AltLdJamie Trump22/Jun/14Joderhorn
Amphitheatre ButtressVD ***AltLdJamie Trump15/Jun/14Craig Yr Ysfa
CharityS *AltLdJamie Trump14/Jun/14Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Piton RouteVS 4c *AltLdJamie Trump14/Jun/14Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Groove AboveS 4b *2ndJamie Trump14/Jun/14Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Central AreteVD **AltLdJamie Trump14/Jun/14Glyder Fawr crag
Sub-Cneifion RibVD **AltLdJamie Trump14/Jun/14Sub Cneifion Rib
Cneifion AreteD ***AltLdJamie Trump14/Jun/14Cwm Cneifion
crystalVS 4c LeadIan Riddell11/Jun/14Carn Gowla
DingVS 4c **LeadJamie Trump01/Jun/14Bosigran
Ledge ClimbVD *AltLdJamie Trump01/Jun/14Bosigran
AndrewVD AltLdJamie Trump01/Jun/14Bosigran
Ochre Slab Route IIS 4a *AltLdJamie Trump31/May/14Bosigran
Black SlabD **AltLdJamie Trump31/May/14Bosigran
DoorpostHS 4b ***AltLdJamie Trump31/May/14Bosigran
Alison RibD *AltLdJamie Trump31/May/14Bosigran
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