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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Hermeda VS 4b Lead 18/May Meadfoot Quarry
Diamond Rib HS 4a * 2nd 18/May Meadfoot Quarry
Leviathan VS 4c *** Lead 20/Apr The Dewerstone
Paradise Wall HS 4b *** 2nd 17/Apr Stanage Plantation
Paradise ArÍte VS 4c ** 2nd 17/Apr Stanage Plantation
Percy's Prow HVD * Lead 17/Apr Stanage Plantation
Wall End VS 4c 2nd 16/Apr Curbar Edge
Straight Crack VD 2nd 16/Apr Curbar Edge
Dog-Leg Crack HVD 4a * 2nd 16/Apr Curbar Edge
Cioch Wall S 4a ** Lead 16/Apr Curbar Edge
Holly Tree Wall D Lead 02/Apr The Dewerstone
Needle Arete VD ** Lead 02/Apr The Dewerstone
Vertically Challenged 3 2nd 25/Mar Blacknor South
Love on the Rocks ;) 5a Lead 25/Mar Battleship Back Cliff
Sunny Delight 3+ 2nd 25/Mar Blacknor South
Dr. Sole and Mr. Sole 3 2nd 25/Mar Battleship Back Cliff
Phil's Route 4a Lead 25/Mar Battleship Back Cliff
Don't Kill Me 4a 2nd 25/Mar Blacknor South
Days of Heaven 4c Lead 25/Mar Battleship Back Cliff
Simple Simon HS 4b Lead 13/Mar Bosigran
Civvy Route HS 4b ** Lead 12/Mar Sennen
Letterbox HS 4b ** Lead 12/Mar Sennen
Agags Forgotten Brother HD 2nd 28/Feb The Dewerstone
Caesar's Nose S 4a Lead 28/Feb The Dewerstone
Reverse Cleft S 4a * AltLd 28/Feb The Dewerstone