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NameStyleDate Crag name
Chironification-19/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Chironification Stand-19/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Chironification Direct-19/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Brionified-19/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
A Continental Shift-19/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
How Groovy-18/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Groove To Arete-18/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Groovy Arete-18/Dec/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Original Traverse-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
Eat the Meek-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
Problem 3 PYB Boulder-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
problem 4 pyb boulder-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
Problem 5 PYB Boulder-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
The Hobbit-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
plas y brenin traverse-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
plas y brenin traverse hobbit conection-07/Sep/14plas y brenin boulder
Lotus-07/Sep/14The Meadow - Llanberis Pass
Chris's Kashmir Curry-07/Sep/14Tanygrisiau Boulders
Stoned Temple Pilots-06/Sep/14Dinas Mot
Bara Brith-06/Sep/14Clogwyn y Bustach
Jerry's Wall SS-06/Sep/14Carreg Wastad
Mirf's roof-21/Aug/14Peakstone Inn Amphitheatre
Techtonics-08/Aug/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Forbidden Fruit-08/Aug/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Plateau Lip-08/Aug/14Neath Abbey Quarry
Rock the Kasbah-04/Aug/14Biblins Cave
Pop for Gaskins-04/Aug/14Biblins Cave
Rock for Gaskins-04/Aug/14Biblins Cave
Angels Extension-04/Aug/14Biblins Cave
Arch Angels-04/Aug/14Biblins Cave
Coming out-26/Jul/14GOP Cave bouldering
Blokesmoker-26/Jul/14GOP Cave bouldering
E Honda-26/Jul/14GOP Cave bouldering
Smoke a Bloke-26/Jul/14GOP Cave bouldering
Low Wife-20/Jul/14Dinas Rock
Revidi, Reveni, Revici-18/Jul/14Sully Island
Backblock Traverse-18/Jul/14Sully Island
Backblock Arete-18/Jul/14Sully Island
Breakaway-18/Jul/14Sully Island
Breakout-18/Jul/14Sully Island
Sully View Slab-18/Jul/14Sully Island
P29 (Javu) L Hand Shark Line-13/Jul/14Hound Tor
Shark's Fin-13/Jul/14Hound Tor
Sharks Fin Double Dyno-13/Jul/14Hound Tor
Wish-13/Jul/14Hound Tor
Aerobic Wall-13/Jul/14Hound Tor
Arkem-13/Jul/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Rippled Wall-13/Jul/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Wave-13/Jul/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Common As Muck-08/Jul/14The Steps (ponty Common)
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