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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Jana (Rowland's other route)6a **Lead dnfGav03/Apr/14Guadalest
Garrofer6a TRGav03/Apr/14Guadalest
Escrototeame6a Lead O/SMark, Gav03/Apr/14Guadalest
La Abeja Nahia5a Lead βMark03/Apr/14Guadalest
Cornicabra6a *Lead βMark03/Apr/14Guadalest
Jana (Rowland's other route)6a **TRMark03/Apr/14Guadalest
Pera nones5c *Lead dogMark02/Apr/14Bellus
Red Gash4c **Lead dogMark02/Apr/14Bellus
Es carlota5a ***Lead dogMark02/Apr/14Bellus
El molino4c *Lead O/SMark02/Apr/14Bellus
Pera pares4c *Lead O/SMark02/Apr/14Bellus
Casporillo5a **Lead O/SMark02/Apr/14Bellus
Spare Rib4c *2ndGav01/Apr/14Alcalali
Ceder o no Ceder3+ *Lead O/SMark, Kat01/Apr/14Alcalali
Ainée4c *Lead O/SMark, Kat01/Apr/14Alcalali
Beginners' Rib4c Lead O/SMark, Kat01/Apr/14Alcalali
Ribeye4c *Lead O/SMark, Kat01/Apr/14Alcalali
Bull-Tucker Trial5a *TR βMark, Kat01/Apr/14Alcalali
Me vuelo3+ Lead βMark31/Mar/14Gandia
Donde rapullo4a *Lead βMark31/Mar/14Gandia
Uber looking4c *Lead βMark31/Mar/14Gandia
Pequeño saltamontes5a *Lead βMark31/Mar/14Gandia
Chitiri, chitiri4c **Lead βMark31/Mar/14Gandia
Pal Sentete5a Lead O/SMark30/Mar/14Salem
Xeroki4a *Lead O/SMark30/Mar/14Salem
U24c *Lead O/SMark30/Mar/14Salem
Mosca taca4a Lead O/SMark30/Mar/14Salem
Passeig dominical3+ *Lead O/SMark30/Mar/14Salem
La brixa de Salem4c *Lead O/SMark30/Mar/14Salem
Negra neusl els set gigantes4a Lead O/SMark30/Mar/14Salem
Guarolo que la casola5a *TR dogMark30/Mar/14Salem
Torpedo TubeHVD 4a LeadGav06/Oct/13Birchen Edge
Yo-Ho CrackVD *LeadGav06/Oct/13Birchen Edge
Powder Monkey ParadeS 4b ***2ndGav06/Oct/13Birchen Edge
TopsailVS 4c ***TRGav06/Oct/13Birchen Edge
Robin Hood's Right-hand Buttress DirectHS 4a ***2ndGav05/Oct/13Stanage Popular
Inverted VVS 4b ***2ndGav05/Oct/13Stanage Popular
Charity Work Mate3 Lead O/STim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Magical Misty Tour3+ Lead O/STim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Baron's Revenge3 Lead O/STim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Sun Trap3 Lead O/STim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
The Bumper Fun Book4a Lead O/STim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Tinkerbell5c *Lead dogTim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Far From The Madding Crowd5a TRTim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Godbeams4a Lead O/STim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Tantrums and Tiaras3+ Lead dogTim01/Sep/13The Cuttings
Concave WallS 4a *2nd O/SGav26/Aug/13Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental MisfitsVS 4c ***2ndGav26/Aug/13Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Morbid MogulS 4a LeadGav26/Aug/13Denham Quarry
The Funny FarmHS 4b *2nd 26/Aug/13Denham Quarry
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