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Logbook for jag

33 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
AvalancheVS 5a Lead 22/Jun/12Trewavas Head Main Cliff
LetterboxS 4b AltLdsteveo???/2012Sennen
Lord FalmouthHVS 5a *-steveo???/2012Roche Rock
Tregagle's ButtressHS 4c Solo ???/2012Roche Rock
Central GrooveHS 4b ***AltLdsteveo???/2012The Dewerstone
AndrewVD AltLdcraigo???/2012Bosigran
KateVD Leadsteveo???/2012Bosigran
Big TopVD *Leadcraigo, steveo???/2012Bosigran
Demo RouteHS 4b ***AltLdsteveo???/2012Sennen
DexterVS 4c *AltLdsteveo???/2012Sennen
Church WindowVD Leadsteveo???/2012Sennen
StaircaseD *Leadcraigo, steveo???/2012Sennen
Banana FlakeVD *Lead ???/2012Sennen
VenusbergVS 4c *AltLdsteveo???/2012Bosigran
Bending ChimneyVD *Lead ???/2012Trewavas Head Main Cliff
MouseproofS 4b Lead ???/2012Trewavas Head Main Cliff
Grooved ArÍteHVD 4a ***AltLdsteveo???/2012Tryfan (East Face)
Shorty's Folly Variation FinishHS 4c *Leadsteveo???/2012Roche Rock
Ivy ChimneyVD Leadcraigo, steveo???/2012Trewavas Head Main Cliff
Black SlabD **AltLdcraigo, steveo???/2012Bosigran
In-BetweenVD Lead ???/2012Bosigran
DoorwayS 4a *AltLdsteveo???/2012Bosigran
ClobVD AltLdcraigo, steveo???/2012Bosigran
Ledge ClimbVD *AltLdsteveo???/2012Bosigran
Alison RibD *Solo ???/2012Bosigran
SimlaVD AltLd ???/2012Bosigran
Intermediate RouteVD AltLdsteveo???/2012Sennen
Corner ClimbVD *Lead ???/2012Sennen
Right AngleHS 4b ***AltLdsteveo???/2012Gurnard's Head
Terrier's ToothHS 4b ***AltLdsteveo???/2012Chair Ladder
Pendulum ChimneyS 4b **AltLdsteveo???/2012Chair Ladder
DoorpostHS 4b ***AltLd ??/May/11Bosigran
Anvil ChorusVS 4c **AltLd ??/May/11Bosigran