21 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
V Chimney and TraverseS 4a *2nd??/Oct/12Almscliff
Cup and SaucerHVD 4a *2nd??/Oct/12Almscliff
NailbiteVD *2nd??/Jul/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Ladder GullyM Solo??/Jul/12Pule Hill Rocks
Overhanging AreteS 4a **2nd??/Jul/12Pule Hill Rocks
Furly 'ardS 4a 2nd??/Jul/12Pule Hill Rocks
Coffin CornerVD *2nd??/Jul/12Pule Hill Rocks
Has BeenVD 2nd??/Jul/12Pule Hill Rocks
DeceitHVD Solo??/Jul/12Pule Hill Rocks
Long Chimney DirectVD **2nd??/Jul/12Ilkley (Rocky Valley)
Sand ChimneyVD 2nd??/Jul/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Sinister CracksVD 2nd26/Jun/12Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Long ChimneyD ***2nd??/May/12Ilkley (Rocky Valley)
Grit CornerHVD 4a **2nd???/2012Brimham Rocks
Tight ChimneyD *2nd???/2012Brimham Rocks
Lichen SlabVD 2nd???/2012Brimham Rocks
Centre PointM 2nd???/2012Brimham Rocks
Slab AreteVD 4a *2nd???/2012Brimham Rocks
Chockstone ChimneyD *2nd???/2012Brimham Rocks
Idle SlabsM 2nd???/2012Brimham Rocks
Oak Tree SlabMS 2nd???/2012Ilkley (Rocky Valley)