59 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Shite Bucket Challengef4 Sent x23/May/15Primrose Bay
Ice Bucket Challengef5+ Sent x23/May/15Primrose Bay
Pete's ProblemV3 Sent24/Apr/15Luath's Stone Boulders
Jo's Arete Variation 1V0+ *Sent O/S24/Apr/15Luath's Stone Boulders
Driller Killer6c *TR RP23/Nov/14Legaston Quarry
The Killing Fields6a Lead β23/Nov/14Legaston Quarry
Simoncellif6B+ **Sent x25/Oct/14Cummingston
Sciaticaf6B **Sent x25/Oct/14Cummingston
Twigletsf6A ***Sent x15/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Muir's Masterpiecef6B+ *Sent x15/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Spaceship Wall Righthandf6A+ ***Sent x15/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
The Bear Hugf6A *Sent x13/Oct/13Rhue Blocks
The Forgef6B+ ***Sent x13/Oct/13Rhue Blocks
Egretf6C *Sent rpt11/Oct/13Cummingston
Harlem Rumblef6A+ **Sent x25/May/13Duntelchaig
People That's Whyf6A **Sent O/S25/May/13Duntelchaig
A Right Bulgerf5+ *Sent x14/Oct/12Ardmair Beach
The Prunerf6A Sent x14/Oct/12Reiff in the Woods
The Cube's Edgef6A Sent x14/Oct/12Reiff in the Woods
The Cubef4+ *Sent x14/Oct/12Reiff in the Woods
Slap Them ThighsV2 6a Sent x10/Oct/12Samson's Stone
Wrathf6A+ *Sent O/S07/Oct/12Farr Boulder
Flapperf6A Sent O/S07/Oct/12Farr Boulder
Breathlessf6A **Sent O/S07/Oct/12Farr Boulder
The ScoopV2 Sent x07/Oct/12Brin Rock
The Flakes, Swamp Wallf6A+ ***Sent x07/Oct/12Brin Rock
White Wallf6B **Sent x07/Oct/12Brin Rock
Swan Wall Directf5+ *Sent30/Sep/12Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Swan Wallf4 Sent30/Sep/12Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Proposalf6C Sent29/Sep/12Shaftoe Crags
The Bunkerf6B Sent x29/Sep/12Shaftoe Crags
The Groovef4 Sent29/Sep/12Rothley Crag
The Rounded Aretef6A Sent29/Sep/12Rothley Crag
The Crackf4 Sent29/Sep/12Rothley Crag
Slopers Traversef5+ Sent29/Sep/12Rothley Crag
Amphetaminef6B Sent x29/Sep/12Rothley Crag
Cave Aretef6A+ *Sent27/Aug/12Cummingston
KinkyBitchf6C **Sent26/Aug/12Cummingston
There's Something About Dianaf6C+ **Sent06/Aug/12Cummingston
Birdmanf7A **Sent x01/Jul/12Cummingston
Penny Pocketf6B 6b *Sent x23/Jun/12Cummingston
North Face Directf5+ ***-04/Jun/12Torridon Celtic Jumble
The Dandy Don's Aretef6B **Sent x04/Jun/12Torridon Celtic Jumble
Rhiconich Aretef6A ***-27/May/12The Rhiconich Bloodstone
Clawf6A+ ***Sent05/May/12Cummingston
Mr. Binneyf4 5a -18/Apr/12Cummingston
Sunshine Wallf5+ 5b -18/Apr/12Cummingston
Robinf6A 6a -18/Apr/12Cummingston
The Nest (boulder problem)f6A **-18/Apr/12Cummingston
Highball Aretef6A+ 6a -18/Apr/12Cummingston