39 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
That Sad ManE2 5c 2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Right OnHS 4b *2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Garden WallS 4a 2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Garden FenceHS 4a 2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Space JunkHVS 5b 2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Chockstone DirectS 4a *2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Beech Tree Wall (Birch Tree Wall)HS 4b *2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Coconut IceE2 5b 2nd19/Jul/15Stanage Popular
AncientVD *Lead01/Aug/13Hen Cloud
ModernS 4a **Lead01/Aug/13Hen Cloud
Great ChimneyS 4a ***Lead01/Aug/13Hen Cloud
Thompson's Buttress Route 1S 4a *Lead01/Aug/13Hen Cloud
Arete and SlabD Lead26/May/13Clogwyn Bochlwyd
Two Pitch RouteS 4a **2nd26/May/13Clogwyn Bochlwyd
LlynHS *2nd26/May/13Clogwyn y Tarw (The Gribbin...
RemusHS 4c 2nd25/May/13Holyhead Mountain
Wally's FollyVD Lead25/May/13Holyhead Mountain
CandlestickHS 4b *Lead25/May/13Holyhead Mountain
Pigeon Hole CrackS 4a 2nd25/May/13Holyhead Mountain
King Bee CrackHVS 5a ***2nd25/May/13Holyhead Mountain
Slab ClimbD *2nd???/2013Clogwyn y Tarw (The Gribbin...
RibberyS 2nd29/Jul/12Catacomb Gully
Rib and CrackHS 4a 2nd29/Jul/12Catacomb Gully
The JewelVS 4c *2nd29/Jul/12Catacomb Gully
BetaHS 4b 2nd29/Jul/12Catacomb Gully
Dry RiserHVS 4c 2nd28/Jul/12Juniper Wall
Socialist WorkerVS 4c *2nd28/Jul/12Juniper Wall
AssassinHVS 5a ***2nd28/Jul/12Juniper Wall
5 See PlusVS 5a 2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Vanishing PointVS 4c 2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Via Roof RouteVS 5a *2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Staircase DirectHS 4b 2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
DesperationE1 5c ***2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
DesperationE1 5c ***2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Pedlar's AreteHVS 5b *2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Pedlar's WallHVS 5b 2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
KennethVS 4b 2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Rubber BandVS 4b *2nd15/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Cave AreteHVS 5a **2nd09/Jun/95Stanage Popular