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NameStyleDate Crag name
Dimple DanceSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Jubilee TowerSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Wiggling CrackSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Rising SmokeSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Perving AreteSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Slab RunSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
ScoreSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Neil's Thorny AreteSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Neil's Thorny Arete (sit start)Sent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Burnt HeatherSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
The CrackSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
Easy KarmaSent20/Apr/13Thorn Crag
21st Century Digital KidSent13/Apr/13Farleton Crag
J CrackSent13/Apr/13Farleton Crag
Problem 3 (New Rose Area)Sent13/Apr/13Farleton Crag
The ArÍteSent13/Apr/13Farleton Crag
The CrackSent07/Apr/13Trowbarrow
American Express (ss)Sent07/Apr/13Trowbarrow
Jean JeanieLead β30/Mar/13Trowbarrow
Platt Gang GrooveLead β02/Mar/13Long Scar
Intruder's CornerLead β02/Mar/13Long Scar
The NeedleLead β02/Feb/13Black Crag (Wrynose)
Nick's ProblemSent???/2013Trowbarrow
Lone Tree GrooveSent???/2013Warton Pinnacle Crag
The GraunchSent???/2013Warton Pinnacle Crag
Muscles CrackSent???/2013Warton Pinnacle Crag
Whiteout boulder - problem 3Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Whiteout boulder - problem 4Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Upper Tier problem 2Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Upper tier problem 4Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Upper tier problem 5Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Upper tier problem 6Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Upper tier problem 7Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
The RunnelSent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Lower Tier problem 3Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
Lower Tier problem 4Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
The Jumble problem 5Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
The Jumble problem 9Sent???/2013Newbiggin Crag
P2 (Rigg Lane)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P3 (Rigg Lane)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P4 (Rigg Lane)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P5 (Rigg Lane)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P6 (Palindrome Boulder)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P7 (Palindrome Boulder)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P12 (Two Mat Boulder)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P13 (Two Mat Boulder)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P14 (Two Mat Boulder)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P15 (Two Mat Boulder)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P16 (Two Mat Boulder)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
P1 (The Cow)Sent???/2013Windy Clough
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