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Logbook for Bloke on a Rope

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Fingercrack cornerSolo O/S30/Nov/14Slipstones
DiminuendoSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Mantelshelf CrackSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
StaircaseSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Mantelshelf WallSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Cold WallSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Hole in the WallSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Left EdgeSent rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Inside LeftSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Old CornerSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Petch's GrooveSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Groove EliminateSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Twenty Foot CrackSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
North WallSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
OffspringSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Tranmire AreteSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Tranmire CrackSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Timeless Divide StartSent rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Timeless Divide - Right HandSent rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Mark Turner's RockoverSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Shine OnSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Mantel OnSent rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Groove OnSent rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Wall ClimbSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Block AreteSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Beta BlockerSolo O/S30/Nov/14Slipstones
Tony's TormentSolo rpt30/Nov/14Slipstones
Low Level TraverseSolo G/U30/Nov/14Slipstones
Dimple DanceSent x15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Perving AreteSent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Slab RunSent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
ScoreSent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Neil's Thorny AreteSent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Neil's Thorny Arete (sit start)Sent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Burnt HeatherSent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Grit NoseSent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Grit Nose (sit start)Sent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Easy KarmaSent O/S15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
And For My Next TrickSent x15/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Lay-bySolo rpt09/Nov/14Slipstones
Ten Foot AreteSent O/S09/Nov/14Slipstones
Twenty SomethingSolo rpt09/Nov/14Slipstones
Overhanging AreteSent rpt09/Nov/14Slipstones
Flakey Wall TraverseSent O/S09/Nov/14Slipstones
Reason and RowanSent O/S09/Nov/14Slipstones
Get NervousSolo G/U09/Nov/14Slipstones
Rock OffSolo G/U09/Nov/14Slipstones
Sounder Direct2nd O/S02/Nov/14Troy Quarry
Bob the GobLead O/S02/Nov/14Troy Quarry
NovaSolo O/S02/Nov/14Troy Quarry
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