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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Bosch Stop Quarry6a+ Lead O/S24/May/15Bus Stop Quarry
Ramp CentralV2 Sent O/S24/May/15Cromlech boulders
The RampV1 ***Sent O/S24/May/15Cromlech boulders
Pocket WallV3 **Sent x24/May/15Cromlech boulders
Oh YeahV5 **Sent x24/May/15Caseg Fraith Boulder
Ogwen JazzV4 *Sent O/S24/May/15Caseg Fraith Boulder
NWB Problem 5 - The overhanging north areteV4 *Sent O/S24/May/15Gallt yr Ogof Boulder
NWB Problem 2 - The layback areteV4 *Sent x24/May/15Gallt yr Ogof Boulder
NWB Problem 1 - The Thin SlabV3 **Sent x24/May/15Gallt yr Ogof Boulder
The RampV5 *Sent x24/May/15Gallt yr Ogof Boulder
Pac Man Arete SSf7A ***Sent x24/May/15Pac man boulders
Pac Man AreteV5 **Sent O/S24/May/15Pac man boulders
G spotting LHV6 Sent x24/May/15Pac man boulders
G spottingV6 **Sent x24/May/15Pac man boulders
Toe Dragon (Main Block P2)V5 **Sent O/S23/May/15The Sheep Pen
Dog Shooter (Main Block P3)V4 ***Sent x23/May/15The Sheep Pen
Pinch RHV8 **Sent x23/May/15The Sheep Pen
The Pinch (Pinch Block P6)V7 **Sent x23/May/15The Sheep Pen
Klem's Arete (First Blocks P5)V4 **Sent x23/May/15The Sheep Pen
First Blocks P1V0 *Sent O/S23/May/15The Sheep Pen
P7V0+ **Sent O/S23/May/15RAC boulders
Frontside TraverseV3 **Sent x23/May/15RAC boulders
Backside AreteV0- ***Sent O/S23/May/15RAC boulders
P15V0+ *Sent O/S23/May/15RAC boulders
P27 with sit startV2 **Sent x23/May/15RAC boulders
Pump TraverseV4 6a **Sent O/S23/May/15RAC boulders
Gutter PressV6 6c **Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
ExhumationV6 6b/c **Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
ExfoliationV3 5c/6a *Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
The Odd CoupleV2 5b/c **Sent O/S16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
BORIS!V7 6b/c **Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
Kobe!V3 5c Sent O/S16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
NowtzinV2 5c Sent O/S16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
Sweet CarolineV5 6a/b ***Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
Gravitronf7B+ ***Sent x12/May/15Ansteys Cove Area Bouldering
Eliminate AreteV5 6b *Sent x23/Apr/15Lustleigh Cleave (The...
Slab TraverseV4 6a Sent x23/Apr/15Lustleigh Cleave (The...
Right no arÍtef6A+ Sent O/S12/Apr/15Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Right arÍtef5+ Sent x12/Apr/15Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Torbay solef7A+ Sent x12/Apr/15Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Megrim sit startf7A+ Sent x12/Apr/15Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Megrimf7A Sent x12/Apr/15Churston (Sea cliffs and...
The Scoop P46V6 6b/c Sent x09/Apr/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The ScoopV4 6b Sent x09/Apr/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Arete left of scoopV8 6c **Sent x09/Apr/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Cube P16V3 6a Sent O/S09/Apr/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Diversionf7B **Sent x03/Apr/15Drei Zinnen
Le pied a coulissef5+ Sent O/S02/Apr/15Rocher d'Avon
La diagonalef6A+ Sent x02/Apr/15Rocher d'Avon
L'Angle Ben'sf7A+ **Sent x01/Apr/15Franchard Isatis