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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Help the Youngf7A+ **Sentwill ramsey, howard, Skinny...19/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
The Hippof7A+ Sentsarah, wayne, holdo, Joe19/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Short Sean's Proper Rooff7A+ **Sentwayne, holdo, will ramsey,...18/Oct/14Rowtor Rocks
Pinches wall 11f7B Sentdom bridgewood, James13/Oct/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Hanging Prow Crouch Startf7A+ *Sentdom bridgewood, Becki, James11/Oct/14Burbage South Quarries
Boing Boyf7A ***SentKatherine11/Oct/14Clifftop Boulders
Brass Monkeysf7C *SentSeb CRUMP, Becki, Katherine05/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Blood Fallsf7A+ **Sentthe beard, katleng, Seb...05/Oct/14Rowtor Rocks
Stumpedf7C+ Sent 03/Oct/14Nuda's Tartan
Odd Thingf7B SentKatherine21/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Slopey Sidepullf7A+ **SentKatherine21/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Tom's Original There and Backf7A+ **SentKatherine21/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Tom's Original Reversef7A Sent 20/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
The Womb into Tom's Originalf7A **Sent 20/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Figure of 8f7B+ *SentJames19/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Lucian's Undercutf7A **SentJames19/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
One Arm Banditf7B *SentBecki, Katherine??/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Swing Thingf7B *SentTaylor Elliot, Skinny White...??/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Power Allowancef7B **SentSeb CRUMP, James??/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Triangle pocket (ukb guide problem 6)f7A SentSeb CRUMP??/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Problem 7f7A+ SentSeb CRUMP??/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Problem 8f7A+ Sent O/SSeb CRUMP??/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Crimp Shrimpf6B **SentSeb CRUMP??/Sep/14Stoney Middleton
Vin Rouge (Tire-Bouchon)f7A+ **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Franchard Isatis
Une Explosion De Bonheurf7B **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Franchard Isatis
Cannonballf7B **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Franchard Isatis
De Fil En Aiguille (Black 30)f6C ***SentKatherine??/Aug/14Franchard Cuisiniere
Jete Michaud/Jump, White 3t (95.2)f7A+ *SentKatherine??/Aug/1495.2
Baloof7B **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Maunoury
Tim Timf7A SentKatherine??/Aug/1495.2
L'Ancien Sixf6C+ SentKatherine??/Aug/14Franchard Sablons
Quel Talon (Blue 25 SDS)f7A SentKatherine??/Aug/14La Canche aux Merciers
Gros Doigtsf7A SentKatherine??/Aug/14La Canche aux Merciers
Extortion de Fondf7A+ SentKatherine??/Aug/14La Canche aux Merciers
Le Flipper assisf7A SentKatherine??/Aug/1491.1
Le Sous-Plombf6C+ **SentKatherine??/Aug/1491.1
Les Copains d'Abord (White 14)f7A **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Rocher Canon
Le Proueptologue deboutf7B **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Cuvier Est (Bivouac)
Danger Majeur Assisf7A **SentKatherine??/Aug/14La Roche aux Sabots
Usbekf7A+ **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Dame Jouanne
Devertige Directf7A SentKatherine??/Aug/14Dame Jouanne
Devertigef7B *SentKatherine??/Aug/14Dame Jouanne
Science Friction (Direct)f6B ***SentKatherine??/Aug/14Apremont
Memoire d'outre tombef7B SentKatherine??/Aug/14Rocher Fin
Mrs du Plusf7B *SentKatherine??/Aug/14Rocher Fin
Matière et Mémoiref7B SentKatherine??/Aug/14Rocher Fin
La Poussiere qui Tuef6C+ **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Rocher du Potala
Ghost Riderf7C **SentKatherine??/Aug/14Coquibus Longs Vaux
Lait Cailléf6C *SentKatherine??/Aug/14Gorge aux chats
La Ritournellef7A ***SentKatherine??/Aug/14Gorge aux chats
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