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NameStyleDate Crag name
Intruder's Corner2nd O/S19/Mar/15Long Scar
Rizla Rib2nd O/S19/Mar/15Long Scar
Platt Gang GrooveLead O/S19/Mar/15Long Scar
Cripple's Crack2nd02/Nov/14Stanage North
The Crab Crawl2nd02/Nov/14Stanage North
Prospero's Climb2nd02/Nov/14Stanage North
The Pinion2nd O/S02/Nov/14Stanage North
Oxford and Cambridge Direct RouteLead O/S24/Jun/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Slabs OrdinaryLead O/S24/Jun/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Harrow Wall2nd O/S24/Jun/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Harrow ButtressLead O/S24/Jun/14Grey Crag (Buttermere)
Sadgill Wall2nd O/S12/Jun/14Buckbarrow Crag
Walthwaite Gully2nd O/S18/May/14Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Swing to the Left2nd O/S18/May/14Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Swing to the Right2nd dog18/May/14Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Proportional Representation2nd dog18/May/14Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Kennel WallLead O/S16/May/14Gouther Crags
Hindleg Crack2nd O/S16/May/14Gouther Crags
Truss ButtressLead O/S16/May/14Gouther Crags
Terminator 22nd O/S14/May/14Sergeant Crag Slabs
The New Partnership2nd dog06/May/14Scout Crags
Jolly CornerLead O/S05/May/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
The GullyLead O/S02/May/14Snail Shell Crag
The ScoopLead O/S02/May/14Snail Shell Crag
Left AreteLead O/S02/May/14Snail Shell Crag
Slabs LeftLead O/S02/May/14Snail Shell Crag
Rose Tree RouteLead O/S02/May/14Snail Shell Crag
Recess RouteLead O/S02/May/14Snail Shell Crag
Weeping WallLead O/S02/May/14Snail Shell Crag
Giant's CrawlAltLd O/S18/Apr/14Dow Crag
Martello CracksLead09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Heaven Crack2nd09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Amazon Crack (Stanage)2nd09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Mississippi Chimney2nd09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Balcony Buttress2nd09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Desperation2nd08/Apr/14Harborough Rocks
Little Corner2nd08/Apr/14Harborough Rocks
Little Little CrackLead08/Apr/14Harborough Rocks
Little Crack2nd08/Apr/14Harborough Rocks
Cub's WallLead O/S???/2014Scout Crags
Corvus2nd dog22/Nov/13Raven Crag, Combe Ghyll
Easter BunnyLead O/S12/Oct/13Church Crag
Speckled Band2nd O/S10/Oct/13Raven Crag (Langdale)
CottontailLead O/S30/Sep/13Church Crag
Carrick's ClimbLead O/S30/Sep/13Church Crag
ConfidenceLead O/S30/Sep/13Church Crag
Roger RabbitLead O/S30/Sep/13Church Crag
PandamaniaLead O/S30/Sep/13Church Crag
Willet, Won't ItLead O/S05/Sep/13Kirkstone Crag
Picnic GrooveLead O/S05/Sep/13Brunt Crag