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Logbook for RossG123

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Beat The Clock-??/Sep/12Murrin Park
The World's Toughest Milkman-??/Sep/12Murrin Park
Genesis-??/Sep/12Murrin Park
Geniside-??/Sep/12Murrin Park
Rambles-??/Sep/12Squamish Chief
Banana Peel-??/Sep/12Squamish Chief
Zoe-??/Aug/12Murrin Park
Rainy Day Dream Away-??/Aug/12Squamish Chief
Slot Machine-??/Aug/12Squamish Chief
Milk Run-??/Aug/12Squamish Chief
The Great Game-??/Jun/12Slhanay (The Squaw)
Mr Ciechanowski-??/May/12Squamish Chief
The Trimark Years-??/May/12Squamish Chief
Bad Religion-??/May/12Squamish Chief
Chickenhead Soup-??/May/12Squamish Chief
David's-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Stepladder-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Moominland-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Hamish's-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
The Zip-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Sole Proprietorship-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Talking Holds-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Supervalue-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Cold Comfort-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Lust-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
The Gloaming-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Burgers & Fries-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Dusty Eyes-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Frying Brownies-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
High Boltage Line-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Laughing Crack-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Jabberwocky-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Mosquito-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Sally Five Fingers-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Cat Crack-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Neat and Cool-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Cornflakes-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Neat and Clean-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Flying Circus-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Geritol-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Kangaroo Corner-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Pixie Corner-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Penny Lane-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Octopus' Garden in the Shade-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Clandestine Affair-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Quarryman-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Climb and Punishment-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Finger, Hand and Fist-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Witch Doctor's Apprentice-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
Health Hazard-???/2012Little Smoke Bluffs
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