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NameStyleDate Crag name
CobraSolo O/S24/Nov/12Alan's Cliff
GrommitSolo O/S24/Nov/12Alan's Cliff
Saddle UpSolo O/S24/Nov/12Alan's Cliff
WallaceSolo O/S24/Nov/12Alan's Cliff
Cloud Number NineSolo O/S24/Nov/12Alan's Cliff
Central CornerSolo O/S24/Nov/12Alan's Cliff
The ShuteSolo O/S24/Nov/12Black Rock Gulch
Mellow YellowSolo O/S24/Nov/12Black Rock Gulch
Windy LedgeSolo O/S24/Nov/12Black Rock Gulch
AstraSolo O/S24/Nov/12Black Rock Gulch
Black Rock ChimneySolo O/S24/Nov/12Black Rock Gulch
Yellow EdgeSolo O/S24/Nov/12Black Rock Gulch
Yellow DiedreSolo O/S24/Nov/12Black Rock Gulch
Birthday TreatTR O/S18/Nov/12Clashrodney
Normal Route2nd O/S15/Aug/12Cotopaxi
North-West RidgeLead O/S10/Jun/12Sajama
Normal RouteAltLd O/S15/May/12Huyana Potosi
Fertility RightTR O/S???/2012Suidhe Biorach
Mac's RouteLead β20/Jun/10Clashrodney
Rainbow WallLead O/S23/Apr/10Souter Head
Rainbow CrackLead O/S23/Apr/10Souter Head
Lime ChimneyLead20/Apr/10Pass of Ballater
Lucky StrikeLead20/Apr/10Pass of Ballater
Mythical WallLead β27/Mar/10Souter Head
Puffin's PerchLead β27/Mar/10Souter Head
Slab Top ChimneyLead β27/Mar/10Souter Head
Brooker's AreteLead β27/Mar/10Souter Head
Jade ButtressLead β27/Mar/10Souter Head
Heir ApparentLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
Internal HaemorrhageLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
Brain DeathLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
Quartz DeviantLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
Zombie Right-HandLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
Twisted CrackLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
ZombieLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
ZetaLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
AndroidLead β20/Mar/10The Long Slough
Damp StartSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
Untroubled BlueSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
Big DaddySolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
Fretted SocketSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
Cod EyesSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
CruiseSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
Yawn PillarSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
ShagSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
CormorantSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
All QuietSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
WavesSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
The SommeSolo O/S10/Mar/10Deceptive Wall
North DescentLead O/S04/Nov/09South Cove