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Logbook for Tbaldwin-uk

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Bilberry AreteS 4b Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
Spider CrackVS 5b *Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
End ButtressM Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
End SlabM Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
Back End SlabD Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
EnderD Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
Endest AreteVD Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
EndsteD Lead O/S 03/Mar/13Burbage North
Route 5S 4b Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
Route 3HVD 4a *Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
Little PlumbD Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
SteptoeM Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
Monkey WallM Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress AreteM *Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
Burgess ButtressM Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
Burgess St.D Lead O/S 02/Mar/13Burbage North
Premature6a Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Top Totty5a Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Snap Decision5c Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
A Bit of Totty6a Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Always Break the Rules5c Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Overbored5a Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Safe Haven5a Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Induction Program5a Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Expecting5a Lead O/S ??/Oct/12Harpur Hill Quarry
The AreteS 4a *Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
The FurrowS 4b Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
Pedestal CrackS 4a *Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
Steeple AreteVD *Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
Steeple AreteVD *Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
DesperationS 4a Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
Little CornerVD Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
Trident ObverseD Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
Trident GrooveVD *Lead O/S ??/Sep/12Harborough Rocks
The Wide CrackD Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage High Neb
SinisterVS 4b Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage High Neb
Broken ButtressVD **Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage High Neb
Jenny WrenVD Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage High Neb
Right EdgeS Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage Popular
Small CrackVD *Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage Popular
Button WallVD Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage Popular
Monkey CrackVD 4a Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse LeftVD ***Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage Popular
PhysiologyVD *Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage Popular
AnatomyVD Lead O/S ??/Oct/09Stanage Popular
Gully WallD Lead O/S ??/Mar/09Baslow Edge
Blocked GullyM Lead O/S ??/Mar/09Baslow Edge
Grotto SlabD *Lead O/S ??/Mar/09Stanage Popular
Broken ButtressVD **Lead O/S ??/Mar/09Stanage High Neb
Square ChimneyM Lead O/S ??/Mar/09Stanage Popular
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