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NameStyleDate Crag name
Iron BarLead O/S07/Apr/15Winspit
Mini LineLead O/S07/Apr/15Winspit
Book 3Lead dnf07/Apr/15Winspit
Flux CapacitorLead O/S07/Apr/15Winspit
Bread KnifeLead O/S07/Apr/15Winspit
The Portland CrowdLead O/S21/Mar/15The East Weare Crags
ShockwaveLead O/S21/Mar/15The East Weare Crags
Boys Will Be GirlsLead O/S21/Mar/15The East Weare Crags
SunloverLead O/S21/Mar/15The East Weare Crags
Parsnip SoupLead O/S21/Mar/15The Cuttings
Like a Drowning ManLead O/S20/Mar/15Battleship Back Cliff
Dr. Sole and Mr. SoleLead O/S20/Mar/15Battleship Back Cliff
Never Lead a Numb ExistenceLead O/S20/Mar/15Battleship Back Cliff
Phil's RouteLead O/S20/Mar/15Battleship Back Cliff
Days of HeavenLead O/S20/Mar/15Battleship Back Cliff
Love on the Rocks ;)Lead O/S20/Mar/15Battleship Back Cliff
When You Were Little You Dreamed You Were BigLead O/S20/Mar/15Battleship Back Cliff
Make Cookies Not WarLead O/S19/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Wall LizardLead O/S19/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Dirty BertieLead O/S19/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Dungecroft DelightLead O/S19/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
El groTR dog16/Oct/14Salem
Boulder RockTR O/S16/Oct/14Salem
XerokiLead O/S16/Oct/14Salem
El kikiTR β16/Oct/14Salem
Mikel i altres broxesLead O/S16/Oct/14Salem
Ocho fixeLead O/S15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
HanmaLead O/S15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
Help fo HeroesLead O/S15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
BerndLead O/S15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
The Whole of CreationLead O/S15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
LoboLead O/S15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
Donde rapulloLead rpt12/Oct/14Gandia
Uber lookingLead rpt12/Oct/14Gandia
Pequeño saltamontesLead rpt12/Oct/14Gandia
Gandia Potent OneLead O/S12/Oct/14Gandia
Stephen KakaTR dog12/Oct/14Gandia
Cuartet de banyLead O/S12/Oct/14Gandia
Uber lookingLead O/S12/Oct/14Gandia
Izquierda rutaLead O/S11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
BVDLead O/S11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
El pavalLead O/S11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
CillaLead O/S11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
El Hombre FrioLead O/S11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
Perell el cacaolatLead O/S11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
ArnauetLead O/S11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
CorneredLead O/S10/Oct/14Alcalali
RibeyeLead O/S10/Oct/14Alcalali
Spare RibLead O/S10/Oct/14Alcalali
AinéeLead O/S10/Oct/14Alcalali