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Logbook for Alex Bryant

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Boulder Rock6c TR O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett16/Oct/14Salem
Xeroki4a *Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett16/Oct/14Salem
El kiki6c TR βRich Heard16/Oct/14Salem
Mikel i altres broxes5a Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett16/Oct/14Salem
El gro6b TR dogRich Heard16/Oct/14Salem
Ocho fixe4a *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
Hanma4a Lead O/SMelanie Michelot15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
Help fo Heroes6b *Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
Bernd4a *Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
The Whole of Creation6c *Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
Lobo6a *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot15/Oct/14Sierra de Toix
Uber looking4c *Lead O/SChris Skinner12/Oct/14Gandia
Gandia Potent One5c Lead O/SChris Skinner12/Oct/14Gandia
Stephen Kaka6b+ *TR dogChris Skinner12/Oct/14Gandia
Cuartet de bany5a **Lead O/SChris Skinner12/Oct/14Gandia
Donde rapullo4a *Lead rptChris Skinner12/Oct/14Gandia
Uber looking4c *Lead rptChris Skinner12/Oct/14Gandia
Pequeño saltamontes5a *Lead rptChris Skinner12/Oct/14Gandia
Izquierda ruta3+ *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
BVD4a **Lead O/SMelanie Michelot11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
El paval4c **Lead O/SMelanie Michelot11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
Cilla5a Lead O/SMelanie Michelot11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
El Hombre Frio5c Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
Perell el cacaolat5c *Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
Arnauet6a *Lead O/SChristine Gemma Bartlett11/Oct/14Font d'Axia
Ceder o no Ceder3+ *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot10/Oct/14Alcalali
Bull-Tucker Trial5a *Lead O/SLaura Holdsworth10/Oct/14Alcalali
Synnove5a *Lead O/SLaura Holdsworth10/Oct/14Alcalali
Ainée4c *Lead O/SLaura Holdsworth10/Oct/14Alcalali
Spare Rib4c *Lead O/SLaura Holdsworth10/Oct/14Alcalali
Ribeye4c *Lead O/SLaura Holdsworth10/Oct/14Alcalali
Cornered4c *Lead O/SLaura Holdsworth10/Oct/14Alcalali
Sans Travail16 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot28/Aug/14Mt. Maunganui
Unnamed Sport Route19 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot28/Aug/14Mt. Maunganui
Dreamweaver17 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot28/Aug/14Mt. Maunganui
Fatboy16 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot28/Aug/14Mt. Maunganui
Virility of Toto19 *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot12/Mar/14Arawata Terrace
Wobbly Bits17 *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot12/Mar/14Arawata Terrace
Prodigy17 *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot12/Mar/14Arawata Terrace
Patch the Dog14 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot12/Mar/14Arawata Terrace
Easter Uprising17 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot12/Mar/14Arawata Terrace
Cliptomania17 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot05/Mar/14Gorge Road, Queenstown
Suicide Possum18 *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot05/Mar/14Gorge Road, Queenstown
Dog in Town18 *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot05/Mar/14Gorge Road, Queenstown
Shut up and Climb it!16 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot05/Mar/14Hero Wall
Sausage Factory15 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot05/Mar/14Hero Wall
Little Conifer21 **Lead dnfMelanie Michelot28/Feb/14Hero Wall
Bad Ika19 *Lead dnfMelanie Michelot28/Feb/14Hero Wall
Made in G.Y16 *Lead O/SMelanie Michelot23/Feb/14The Boneyard
Ma Belle Estelle15 Lead O/SMelanie Michelot23/Feb/14The Boneyard
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