442 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Prana Brothersf6C Sent x21/May/15Amazing Tree & Bee Blocks
Amazing Tree Crackf6A+ Sent x21/May/15Amazing Tree & Bee Blocks
The Hittiesf4+ Sent O/S13/May/15Valley of the Kings
Abydos Aretef5 Sent O/S13/May/15Valley of the Kings
Menesf5 Sent O/S13/May/15New Kingdom
Resonancef5 Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Subsonicf5+ Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Doppler Effectf5+ Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Low Passf6B Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Pink Noisef5+ Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Nikola Teslaf5 Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Reverberationf5 Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Ultrasonicf5+ ***Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Waveformf5 Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Band Passf4+ Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
High Passf5 Sent O/S13/May/15Audio Block
Basil Brushf5 Sent O/S12/May/15Brushing Block
Sarcasmaholics Anonymousf6A+ *Sent x12/May/15Ecclectormania
Security-tagged Shoehornf4 Sent O/S12/May/15Ecclectormania
Cosmic Lattef4+ Sent07/May/15Ecclectormania
Stalefishtologyf4+ Sent07/May/15Ecclectormania
Smenkhkaref6B *Sent x04/May/15New Kingdom
Deir el Bahrif6B+ **Sent x04/May/15New Kingdom
Sesostris the 3rdf6A+ Sent x04/May/15New Kingdom
Temple of Luxorf6A+ Sent x02/May/15Valley of the Kings
Wall of Dendaraf6B Sent x02/May/15Valley of the Kings
The Rammesseumf6C+ Sent x02/May/15New Kingdom
Boney Annef5+ Sent x30/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Never Grow Upf5 *Sent O/S30/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
In Dust we Trustf6C Sent x30/Apr/15Chemical Block
Mainf6A+ *Sent O/S30/Apr/15Threapwood Woods
Desertf5 Sent O/S30/Apr/15Threapwood Woods
Jiminy Cricketf3 Sent O/S30/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Maleficentf6C+ *Sent x30/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Leaning Wall from right areteV0 5b Sent O/S26/Apr/15Mountsorrel Crags
Slab and areteV0- 4b Sent O/S26/Apr/15Mountsorrel Crags
Dome shaped slabV0- 4c Sent x26/Apr/15Mountsorrel Crags
Let It Gof6B+ *Sent x21/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boof7A **Sent x21/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Fairy Godfatherf2+ Sent O/S21/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Fairy Godmotherf3 Sent O/S21/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Baby Bear (standing start)f3+ Sent O/S21/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Baby Bearf4+ *Sent x21/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Cave RighthandV4 **Sent x19/Apr/15Parisella's Cave
Standing Stealthyf4 Sent O/S15/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Amazing Beef5 Sent O/S15/Apr/15Amazing Tree & Bee Blocks
Bee Treef4+ Sent O/S15/Apr/15Amazing Tree & Bee Blocks
Tree-rifficf6A+ Sent O/S15/Apr/15Amazing Tree & Bee Blocks
The Elements of Stealthf6A *Sent x15/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks
Buljarettef5+ Sent x15/Apr/15Fairytale Rocks