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NameStyleDate Crag name
MorfeasLead O/S??/Sep/14Odyssey
AtenaLead O/S??/Sep/14Odyssey
LaertesLead O/S??/Sep/14Odyssey
DionysosLead RP??/Sep/14Odyssey
AphroditeLead RP??/Sep/14Grande Grotta
iviLead RP??/Sep/14Grande Grotta
KastorLead RP??/Sep/14Arhi
Il PittoreLead O/S??/Sep/14Arhi
GruselinoLead O/S??/Sep/14Kastelli
Gonegli kiz (Sunshine girl)Lead O/S??/Sep/14Kastelli
ScarabeusLead O/S??/Sep/14Kastelli
Sam SuffitLead RP??/Sep/14Secret Garden
PantremenosLead O/S??/Sep/14Secret Garden
Ricci di MareLead O/S??/Sep/14Secret Garden
BronchitosLead O/S??/Sep/14The Beach
Sweet RemyLead O/S??/Sep/14The Beach
KarpouziLead O/S??/Sep/14The Beach
ElizabethLead RP??/Sep/14The Beach
Pop for the TopSent22/Jun/14Biblins Cave
The BulgeSent22/Jun/14Biblins Cave
The Giant's SpineSent22/Jun/14Biblins Cave
WedglingLead O/S28/Apr/14Wedge Wall
Wedge-egade MasterLead O/S28/Apr/14Wedge Wall
Wedge Dew BinLead O/S28/Apr/14Wedge Wall
Atomic WedgieLead O/S28/Apr/14Wedge Wall
Bland Of FourLead O/S24/Apr/14Ton Pentre (Ystrad)
Solihull CallingLead O/S24/Apr/14Ton Pentre (Ystrad)
Fat Cat RoofSent17/Apr/14Dinas Rock
Taylor MadeSent16/Apr/14Dinas Rock
Ames LowSent11/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Rift CrackSent11/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Atrium ProjectSent11/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Slick TrickTR β11/Apr/14Symonds Yat
Fromage FraisLead O/S17/Mar/14Dinas Rock
Rob RoyLead RP17/Mar/14Dinas Rock
King Of DrunksSent14/Mar/14Wavelength Boulders
The cutawaySent14/Mar/14RAC boulders
bus stopSent13/Mar/14Cromlech boulders
Pocket WallSent13/Mar/14Cromlech boulders
We Paper Boy RappersSent01/Mar/14Clogfaen Gigfran
Boulder 19 Problem3Sent01/Mar/14Clogfaen Gigfran
Boulder 17 Problem 9Sent01/Mar/14Clogfaen Gigfran
Arch royal standSent10/Feb/14Bacon Hole
Playing AwayLead O/S20/Jan/14Trebanog
Simon's CrackLead O/S20/Jan/14Trebanog
Bivi grooveSent O/S11/Oct/13Huntsham Crags
Under Stars is BestSent O/S11/Oct/13Huntsham Crags
CreamSent29/Sep/13Huntsham Crags
Rift Wall TraverseSent29/Sep/13Huntsham Crags
Lick the BowlSent29/Sep/13Huntsham Crags
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