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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Bushy TaleV1 (5b) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
CorneaV2 (5c) **-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
CyclopsV1 (5b) -30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
EliminateV0 4b *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Eliminate WallV1 (5b) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
FingersV2 (5c) -30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
GoliathV2 (5c) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
GorillaV2 (5c) **-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Green StreakV1 (5b) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
GreetingV1 (5b) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
HandshakeV1 (5b) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Mankey RoadV2 (5c) **-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Monkey GripV1 (5b) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
NamelessVS 4c *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
One MoveV2 (6a) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Pisa WallV0- 4a **-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Pisa Wall LowV2 (5c) -30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
RetinaV1 (5b) *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Square FourV0- 4b *-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Straight CrackV0- 4a **-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Two EyesVS 4c **-30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Warm UpV1 5b -30/Aug/15Pex Hill Quarry
Debbie Direct6b **-27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
The Craftsman6b+ **-27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
Cat in Clarke's Shoes6a -27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
North of the Border6a *-27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
Sport for All6a+ *-27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
Dreams in which I'm Dying6a *-27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
Liquid Acrobat6a *-27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
Goldihood6a+ -27/Aug/15Giggleswick North
Big SplatHVS 4c *-02/Aug/15Trevor Rocks Area
This Way to Clitheroe6c **-02/Aug/15Trevor Rocks Area
Clevor Trevor6c **-02/Aug/15Trevor Rocks Area
Pillar of salt6a+ -25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Pillar of salt6a+ -25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Mutton Jeff5c *-25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Summertime(and the weather is lousy)6b *-25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Tight Fit6c+ -25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Burlesque7a ***-25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
The Bela Start7a -25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Zoar6a *-25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
The Straight and Narrow6a *-25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Pillar of salt6a+ -25/Jul/15Stoney Bank
Tricky Fruitbat6a+ **-11/Jul/15Fedw Fawr
Tricky Fruitbat6a+ **-11/Jul/15Fedw Fawr
Tricky Fruitbat6a+ **-11/Jul/15Fedw Fawr
Problem 1 (Rockfax)V2 -27/Jun/15St. Bees Head
Apiary AreteV1 5c ***-27/Jun/15St. Bees Head
The Traverse (Rockfax)V2 5c *-27/Jun/15St. Bees Head
Problem 8 (Rockfax)V3 -27/Jun/15St. Bees Head