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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Stone Mason6a+ **Lead O/S10/Jun/15Winspit
Resin Devotion6a *Lead O/S10/Jun/15Winspit
Tom's Patience4a *Lead O/S10/Jun/15Winspit
Gunsmoke TraverseV2 ***Sent x01/Apr/15Barker Dam
Gunsmoke TraverseV2 ***Sent dnf31/Mar/15Barker Dam
The ChubeV2 **Sent dnf31/Mar/15Barker Dam
Friction 101V1 Sent x31/Mar/15Barker Dam
Friction 100V0+ Sent O/S31/Mar/15Barker Dam
Carrie Fissure5.8 2nd O/S26/Mar/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Aliens Have Landed5.10a *Lead dnf26/Mar/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Muckraker5.8 2nd O/S25/Mar/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Sir Climbalot5.7 2nd O/S25/Mar/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Abbey Road5.4 2nd O/S25/Mar/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Lotta Balls5.8 AltLd O/S24/Mar/15First Creek Canyon &...
Dense Dunce5.8 2nd O/S23/Mar/15Willow Springs
Ok Ok Ok5.6 *Lead O/S23/Mar/15Willow Springs
Go Ahead And Jump5.6 *2nd O/S23/Mar/15Willow Springs
Crooked Crack5.6 Lead O/S23/Mar/15Willow Springs
Diplomatic Immunity5.5 Lead O/S23/Mar/15Willow Springs
IscosclesV4 ***Sent dnf20/Mar/15Joes Valley
Ankle Deep In GasolineV4 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
SkyyV0 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Canadians FinestV1 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Lord CalvertV2 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Admiral NelsonV2 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
TweakersV2 **Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Better Than CoffeeV4 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Dem BonesV3 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Sling BladeV4 ***Sent x19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Shorty PieV3 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
The PlankV2 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Todd's AreteV2 ***Sent O/S19/Mar/15Joes Valley
Funky TutV3 ***Sent x14/Mar/15Buttermilks
King TutV3 ***Sent x14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Tut Boulder #15 - UnnamedV0 Sent O/S14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Tut Boulder #13 - UnnamedV1 Sent O/S14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Unamed SlabV0- *Sent O/S14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Rib, No RibV1 *Sent x14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Hero RoofV0 ***Sent O/S14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Birthday DirectV3 ***Sent x14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Birthday MantelV0 **Sent O/S14/Mar/15Buttermilks
The Way DownV0 Sent O/S14/Mar/15Buttermilks
Fumble in the DarkV3 Sent x13/Mar/15Sad Boulders
Problem 15 (Brown Slab Boulder)V0- Sent O/S13/Mar/15Sad Boulders
Problem 16 (Brown Slab Boulder)V0+ *Sent O/S13/Mar/15Sad Boulders
Problem 17 (Brown Slab Boulder)VB *Sent O/S13/Mar/15Sad Boulders
Birthday SkylineV3 ***Sent dnf12/Mar/15Buttermilks
Birthday DirectV3 ***Sent dnf12/Mar/15Buttermilks
Birthday LeftV0 ***Sent x12/Mar/15Buttermilks
The Prow sit startV2 *Sent O/S12/Mar/15Buttermilks