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NameStyleDate Crag name
Something Better ChangeSolo RP18/Jun/02Roaches Lower Tier
Via DolorosaLead O/S26/May/01Roaches Lower Tier
Dorothy's DilemmaLead O/S18/Jul/99Roaches Lower Tier
Poisonous PythonLead O/S08/Jun/97Roaches Lower Tier
YongSolo20/Jul/96Roaches Lower Tier
ValkyrieLead rpt18/Jul/96Roaches Lower Tier
Split PersonalitySolo rpt31/Mar/96Roaches Skyline
PortfolioLead O/S17/Mar/96Windgather Rocks
Mantelshelf SlabSolo O/S15/Mar/96Roaches Skyline
Looking for TodayLead O/S10/Mar/96Roaches Skyline
The Fruit PalaceSolo O/S08/Mar/96Rock End
EnterpriseSent O/S08/Mar/96Rock End
Sickle MoonSolo β08/Mar/96Rock End
Harvest MoonSolo O/S08/Mar/96Rock End
Desert HeadSolo O/S08/Mar/96Rock End
Bilberry SlabSolo O/S08/Mar/96Rock End
Druid's FaceTR02/Mar/96Cadshaw Rocks
Overhang and WallSolo O/S02/Mar/96Cadshaw Rocks
Pagan's WallSolo O/S02/Mar/96Cadshaw Rocks
Groove and Ledge2nd02/Mar/96Hoghton Quarry
Fertility RiteLead O/S29/Oct/95Bosley Cloud
White house CrackSolo O/S15/Oct/95Bosley Cloud
Crystal VoyagerTR dog15/Oct/95Bosley Cloud
The Crafty CockneySolo RP15/Oct/95Bosley Cloud
Scarlet WallSolo O/S13/Oct/95Roaches Upper Tier
The FingerSent O/S09/Oct/95Ramshaw Rocks
Camelian CrackSolo O/S09/Oct/95Ramshaw Rocks
BoomerangSolo O/S09/Oct/95Ramshaw Rocks
The RipplerSolo O/S23/Sep/95Ramshaw Rocks
Louie GrooveTR O/S23/Sep/95Ramshaw Rocks
SparkleSolo O/S17/Sep/95Roaches Upper Tier
Jelly RollLead O/S17/Sep/95Roaches Upper Tier
Gully Wall2nd17/Sep/95Roaches Upper Tier
Babbacombe LeeLead O/S17/Sep/95Roaches Upper Tier
Mild ThingSolo O/S10/Sep/95Roaches Skyline
CurvatureSolo O/S10/Sep/95Roaches Skyline
Bengal ButtressSolo O/S26/Aug/95Roaches Lower Tier
The GibbetTR20/Aug/95Gib Torr
Gibber CrackSolo O/S20/Aug/95Gib Torr
Gibbling CornerSolo O/S20/Aug/95Gib Torr
ImpotenceSent20/Aug/95Roaches Lower Tier
ViolenceSent20/Aug/95Roaches Lower Tier
The ClawSent20/Aug/95Roaches Lower Tier
Traveller in TimeTR20/Aug/95Ramshaw Rocks
SirloinSolo O/S23/Jul/95Bosley Cloud
Key Green CrackSolo O/S23/Jul/95Bosley Cloud
Crying WolfSolo O/S23/Jul/95Bosley Cloud
ProwlerSolo O/S23/Jul/95Ramshaw Rocks
Double ChinSolo O/S23/Jul/95Ramshaw Rocks
Loaf and CheeseSolo O/S20/Jul/95Ramshaw Rocks