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NameStyleDate Crag name
WonderlandLead21/Jul/14Corby's Crag
Flake Crack-09/Jul/14Bowden Doors
Pride Before a Fall-09/Jul/14Bowden Doors
Black and TanLead O/S03/May/14Bowden Doors
Crab WallLead03/May/14Bowden Doors
Donkey's EarsLead27/Apr/14Shepherds Crag
Poor Man's PeutereyLead O/S22/Mar/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Christmas CurryLead O/S21/Mar/14Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
OberonLead O/S21/Mar/14Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Deception CrackLead08/Mar/14Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Oma SusLead30/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
AntoLead29/Jan/14Sierra de Toix
TacitationLead14/Nov/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
TrinityLead14/Nov/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Bird's Nest DirectLead28/Sep/13Headend quarry
CrusthoundLead28/Sep/13Headend quarry
Divine WindLead28/Sep/13Headend quarry
Fossil AreteLead28/Sep/13Headend quarry
Headend ChimneyLead28/Sep/13Headend quarry
Letter-Box DirectLead28/Sep/13Headend quarry
Ramp and WallLead27/Sep/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Flake CrackLead24/Sep/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Saint's ProgressLead24/Sep/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
DoglegLead O/S24/Sep/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Christmas Tree AreteLead20/Sep/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Guards ExitLead20/Jul/13Bowden Doors
Black CrackLead20/Jul/13Bowden Doors
Russet GrooveSolo17/Jul/13Bowden Doors
First OpportunityLead13/Jun/13Corby's Crag
Nut's WallLead13/Jun/13Corby's Crag
ScorpionLead02/Jun/13Bowden Doors
LorraineLead dog02/Jun/13Bowden Doors
Castle CrackLead02/Jun/13Bowden Doors
The PlonkaLead01/Jun/13Corby's Crag
Central Arete2nd O/S13/May/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Gwynedd2nd O/S13/May/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Mistook2nd O/S13/May/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MTN2nd O/S13/May/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Rammer's Route2nd O/S13/May/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Eeny-26/Apr/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Meeny-26/Apr/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Fakir's Groove-26/Apr/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Fakir's Slab-26/Apr/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Slab and Groove-26/Apr/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Slab and Wall-26/Apr/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Grovel GrooveLead O/S10/Apr/13Bowden Doors
Long JohnLead O/S10/Apr/13Bowden Doors
Russet GrooveLead O/S10/Apr/13Bowden Doors
Second StaircaseLead O/S10/Apr/13Bowden Doors
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