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NameStyleDate Crag name
Dover's Wall, Route 22nd??/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Tower Face (Stanage)2nd??/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Cleft WingLead??/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Step-ladder CrackLead??/Apr/15Stanage Popular
The NoseLead??/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Wall Buttress2nd dog??/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Pegasus Wall2nd??/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
ValhallaLead??/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
SeesawLead??/Apr/15Stanage Plantation
Hell Crack2nd??/Apr/15Stanage Popular
ButterflyLead O/S??/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
African Killer BeeLead O/S??/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
Balls Out2nd dog??/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
BurlapTR O/S??/Apr/15Bowles Rocks
OctoberTR O/S??/Apr/15Bowles Rocks
Hennessy HeightsTR O/S??/Apr/15Bowles Rocks
LarchantTR O/S??/Apr/15Bowles Rocks
Pig's EarTR dnf??/Apr/15Bowles Rocks
Pig's NoseTR O/S??/Apr/15Bowles Rocks
Ear Nose and Throat2nd dnf??/Mar/15The White Dome - Tower 3
Mojitos in the Sky2nd dnf??/Mar/15Ksar Rock
Preface PinnacleLead O/S??/Mar/15Good Book Buttress
Full Bore2nd O/S??/Mar/15Taskra Gorge
Azules de Vergara2nd O/S??/Mar/15Painted Rocks, Morocco
Pandora's BoxLead O/S??/Mar/15Robin Hood Rocks
Cannon Crack2nd O/S??/Mar/15Ksar Rock
Cannon Buttress Direct2nd O/S??/Mar/15Ksar Rock
Jedi GrooveLead O/S??/Mar/15Ksar Rock
Morocco CocoLead O/S??/Mar/15Ksar Rock
The Golden CompassAltLd O/S??/Mar/15The White Dome - Tower 3
Eros2nd O/S??/Mar/15Greek Buttress (Crag NC)
Sungold2nd O/S??/Mar/15The Thumb
Wall StreetAltLd??/Feb/15Cormorant Ledge
Quality Street2nd??/Feb/15Cormorant Ledge
Ledgend Direct2nd??/Nov/14Guillemot Ledge
Yellow WallAltLd O/S??/Nov/14Guillemot Ledge
Tensor IIAltLd O/S??/Nov/14Guillemot Ledge
TrialLead O/S??/Nov/14Wyndcliffe
Questor2nd O/S??/Nov/14Wyndcliffe
CadillacLead O/S??/Nov/14Wyndcliffe
Suncrush2nd O/S??/Nov/14Wyndcliffe
GabsLead dnf??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
Papa's WorkLead O/S??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
Far Side2nd dog??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
CassatelleLead O/S??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
Magic WomanLead O/S??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
Classic DeluxeLead O/S??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
White SlabLead O/S??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
Cat WalkTR dnf??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella
Easter SacrificeLead O/S??/Oct/14San Vito lo Capo Salinella