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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Morrell's Wallf6A ***Sent O/S 04/Oct/14Almscliff
End Wallf4 Sent O/S 04/Oct/14Almscliff
The Crucifixf5 *Sent O/S 04/Oct/14Almscliff
Short AreteV3 6a Sent O/S 04/Oct/14Almscliff
Bad PoyntD Solo O/S 27/Jul/14Roaches Skyline
OversightHVD Solo O/S 27/Jul/14Roaches Skyline
OgdenVD *Solo O/S 27/Jul/14Roaches Skyline
Acid DropE4 5c **TR O/S 27/Jul/14Roaches Skyline
Bad SneakersE2 5c TR O/S 27/Jul/14Roaches Skyline
Safety NetE1 5b ***Lead O/S 27/Jul/14Roaches Skyline
ValkyrieVS 4c ***Lead O/S 26/Jul/14Roaches Lower Tier
Rotunda ButtressVS 4c *Lead O/S 25/Jul/14Roaches Upper Tier
Bachelor's ButtressHVS 4c **Lead O/S 25/Jul/14Roaches Upper Tier
Jeffcoat's ButtressHS 5a **Lead O/S 25/Jul/14Roaches Upper Tier
Walking with Barrence7b ***TR RP 12/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
Wildy's AreteV3 6a Sent 21/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
Slab and CrackV0- 4a Sent 21/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
JobbyV0- 4b Sent 21/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
Capstan's CornerD Solo O/S 20/Jun/14Roaches Skyline
JoinerVD *Solo O/S 20/Jun/14Roaches Skyline
Pico vena6b Lead O/S 11/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Pedro pico5c Lead O/S 11/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Desequilibrio ganso7a **Lead RP 11/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Makinavaja6a+ Lead O/S 10/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
De aki pa'l limbo6c+ TR RP 10/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
La mosca7a Lead RP 10/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Subidon al cazo5c *Lead O/S 09/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Desprecio a la embergadura5a Lead O/S 09/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Sick English6a ***Lead O/S 09/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Pena Del Lunes6b Lead O/S 09/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Km 116b ***Lead O/S 09/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Tranki tronko6b Lead O/S 08/Jun/14Las Vegas
Pastel de chapas6a+ Lead O/S 08/Jun/14Las Vegas
A la sombra de magec6c *Lead RP 08/Jun/14Las Vegas
Hanky-Punky7a TR β 07/Jun/14Las Canadas
En busca y captura6a+ Lead O/S 06/Jun/14El Rio
Vente pa'ca6a+ Lead O/S 06/Jun/14El Rio
La rumbosa6a Lead O/S 06/Jun/14El Rio
La placa del guanche6c Lead RP 06/Jun/14El Rio
El terror de las chiquillas5c **Lead O/S 05/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
No hay colega sin taco5a *Lead O/S 05/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Sus Villa6b *Lead O/S 05/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Casca la basca6a Lead O/S 05/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Batriacio6b+ TR β 05/Jun/14Arico - Upper Gorge
Route 1S 4b Solo O/S 31/May/14Burbage North
Route 1.5VS 5b Solo O/S 31/May/14Burbage North
Route 2S 4a Solo O/S 31/May/14Burbage North
Route 2.5VS 5a Solo O/S 31/May/14Burbage North
Route 3HVD 4a *Solo O/S 31/May/14Burbage North
Route 5S 4b Solo O/S 31/May/14Burbage North
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