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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Vampiric ObsessionE5 6b **TR RP26/Aug/15Round Crag
A Fistful of PotashE6 6a Solo RP26/Aug/15Round Crag
DitherE2 6a *Lead26/Aug/15Round Crag
Beaver FeverE1 5c *Lead26/Aug/15Round Crag
Peter's ProgressVS 4c **Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
Big Chimney AreteHS 4b *Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
Agnostic's AreteVS 5a *Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
PickpocketVS 4c Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
Dover's ProgressHVS 5a Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
Knight's MoveHVS 5a ***Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
Present ArmsHS 4c Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
The GrazerVS 4c *Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
Crystal TipsE3 6a Solo O/S21/Aug/15Burbage North
Black SlabVS 4b *Solo21/Aug/15Burbage North
Evening WallVS 4c *Lead15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Duskyf4 Sent O/S15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Little JohnE1 5b *Solo15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Short CircuitE2 5c *Solo15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Tufted CrackE2 5c **Lead rpt15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Old SpiceE2 5b *Solo15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
ChisellerS 4a *Solo15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
FerdinandHS 4a **Lead15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Car Park Crackf5 **Sent x15/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Stew PotHVD *Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
Kiernan's Traverse and Rough CrackS 4a Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
Bancroft's RoofE2 6b Sent x10/Aug/15Almscliff
The Crucifix "Warm Up" Traversef6A+ **Sent O/S10/Aug/15Almscliff
Pebble Wallf6C+ ***Sent rpt10/Aug/15Almscliff
Pinnacle Flake ClimbS 4a *Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
Low Man Easy WayD *Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
Morrell's Wallf6A ***Sent rpt10/Aug/15Almscliff
Overhanging Nosef6A *Sent x10/Aug/15Almscliff
Tumbledownf5 *Sent x10/Aug/15Almscliff
West Cave WallS 4a *Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
Three Swings Traversef5+ Sent O/S10/Aug/15Almscliff
The Hillary StepHVS 5b *Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
The Lhotse FaceVS 4c **Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
The South ColHS 4b **Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
Matterhorn Ridgef5 *Sent rpt10/Aug/15Almscliff
V CrackHVS 6a Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
Fluted ColumnsS 4a **Solo10/Aug/15Almscliff
The Thin Slabf5+ Sent O/S07/Aug/15Caley Crags
Curverf5+ Sent O/S07/Aug/15Caley Crags
The Slabf4+ Sent O/S07/Aug/15Caley Crags
Thin Groovef3 4b Sent O/S07/Aug/15Caley Crags
Syrett's Saunter/Pebble Wallf7B+ ***Sent dnf07/Aug/15Caley Crags
StrangenessE7 6c *TR dog07/Aug/15Caley Crags
Forgotten WallE5 6c *Lead dnf30/Jul/15Almscliff
DolphinianE1 5b *Lead30/Jul/15Almscliff
Pebble Wallf6C+ ***Sent rpt30/Jul/15Almscliff