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NameStyleDate Crag name
Face RouteAltLd08/Sep/13Crag Lough
Route OneAltLd08/Sep/13Crag Lough
Pinnacle FaceAltLd08/Sep/13Crag Lough
Hadrian's RibAltLd08/Sep/13Crag Lough
Grad's GrooveAltLd08/Sep/13Crag Lough
NeglectAltLd08/Sep/13Crag Lough
Paddy Maginty-06/Aug/13Goat Gills Crag
Scapegoat-06/Aug/13Goat Gills Crag
Billy The Kidd-06/Aug/13Goat Gills Crag
Gillwilly-06/Aug/13Goat Gills Crag
Banzai Pipeline-???/2010Great End Crag
Greatend Corner-???/2010Great End Crag
The Slabs Route 1-???/2010White Ghyll
Chimney Variant-???/2010White Ghyll
Haste Not-???/2010White Ghyll
The Gordian Knot-???/2010White Ghyll
Slip Knot-???/2010White Ghyll
Laugh Not-???/2010White Ghyll
The Kremlin-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
April Fool-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
The Peeler-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
High Flier-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
Manpower-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
The Rat Race-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
The Cursing Caterpillar-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
Alone in Space-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
The Blaspheming Butterfly-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
DDT-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
The Voyage-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
Praying Mantis-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
Bitter Oasis-???/2010Goat Crags, Borrowdale
South Gully-???/2010Dollywagon North
Dolly Mixture-???/2010Dollywagon North
Solo Symphony-???/2010Dollywagon North
The Barbican-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Matheson Avenue-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
North Crag Eliminate-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Agony-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Zig Zag-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Overhanging Bastion-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
May Day Cracks-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Thirlmere Eliminate-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Harlot Face-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Triemain Eliminate-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Angel's Highway-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Ted Cheasby-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
The Final Giggle-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Chapel Cracks-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Scoop and Crack-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain
Gazebo-???/2010Castle Rock of Triermain