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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Pocketful of Shells7b Lead RP29/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Breezes6c Lead RP28/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Gordon's Big Nose6b Lead dog26/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Can't Give a Finger6a Lead O/S26/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Where The Sun Don't Shine6b Lead G/U26/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Mojave Dust6a Lead O/S26/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
The Heavy Brigade6b Lead O/S26/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Berlin Wall6a+ Lead O/S26/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Sound Your Horn7a+ Lead RP21/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Off the Wall6b *Lead RP12/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Sound Your Horn7a+ TR RP12/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
All Hands to the Pump7b *Lead dog12/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
The Big Easy6a+ **DWS rpt10/Aug/15Cave Hole
Russian Roulette6b+ ***DWS dnf10/Aug/15Cave Hole
Spittle 'n' Spume6a **DWS rpt09/Aug/15Cave Hole
All Hands to the Pump7b *Lead dog07/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Raw Deal7a **Lead RP05/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Toxic Shock6b Lead O/S05/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
The Red Crane Traverse5a **DWS rpt03/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
To Wish the Impossible7a ***Lead dog03/Aug/15Blacknor South
Sugar Daddy7a+ *DWS dnf03/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
The Big Easy6a+ **DWS rpt03/Aug/15Cave Hole
Ixtlan6a ***DWS rpt03/Aug/15Cave Hole
Spittle 'n' Spume6a **DWS O/S03/Aug/15Cave Hole
Galena Colada6c *Lead RP30/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Grope the Slope6c *Lead dog29/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Billy Crystal6b+ Lead RP29/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Ixtlan6a ***DWS O/S23/Jul/15Cave Hole
Covert Strike6b *Lead dog23/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Make Cookies Not War4a Lead O/S23/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Dungecroft Delight5a *Lead G/U23/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Doris Does Dungecroft3 Lead O/S23/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Clicking of Her Needles Spelled Doom6b+ Lead dog23/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Red Crane Traverse5a **DWS rpt23/Jul/15Lighthouse Area
Wall of Squares6a DWS O/S23/Jul/15Lighthouse Area
Fallen Slab ArÍte3 ***Solo rpt22/Jul/15Blacknor Beach
Sunset Sessions6c+ Lead RP22/Jul/15Blacknor South
Conquistadors of the Useless6c Lead RP22/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Meatjam6a+ Lead O/S22/Jul/15Blacknor South
The Red Crane Traverse5a **DWS O/S22/Jul/15Lighthouse Area
Temporary Lifestyle4c **DWS rpt22/Jul/15Cave Hole
The Big Easy6a+ **DWS β22/Jul/15Cave Hole
Big Easy ArÍte5a *DWS O/S22/Jul/15Cave Hole
Bundle of Joy4a Lead O/S22/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Le Cranium Cassť6a+ *Lead O/S22/Jul/15Blacknor Beach
Well Done Poppet5a *Lead O/S22/Jul/15Blacknor South
The Bloodshed Begins6a+ *Lead O/S18/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Joyride7a Lead O/S18/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Airborne Attack6b+ *Lead dog18/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Three's Company6b+ Lead G/U15/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North