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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Nethermost Pike summitsummit - ???/2013Nethermost Pike
Hare Stones summitsummit - ???/2013Hare Stones
Great Lingy Hill summitsummit - ???/2013Great Lingy Hill
High House Tarn Top [High House - Allen Crags] summitsummit - ???/2013High House Tarn Top [High...
Cold Pike West Top summitsummit - ???/2013Cold Pike West Top
Whiteside East Top [Whiteside] summitsummit - ???/2013Whiteside East Top [Whiteside]
Cold Pike Far West Top summitsummit - ???/2013Cold Pike Far West Top
Seathwaite Fell [Great Slack - Seathwaite Fell] summitsummit - ???/2013Seathwaite Fell [Great Slack...
Seathwaite Fell South Top summitsummit - ???/2013Seathwaite Fell South Top
Looking Stead (Pillar) summitsummit - ???/2013Looking Stead (Pillar)
Yewbarrow North Top [Stirrup Crag] summitsummit - ???/2013Yewbarrow North Top [Stirrup...
Rosthwaite Fell [Rosthwaite Cam] summitsummit - ???/2013Rosthwaite Fell [Rosthwaite...
High Spy North Top summitsummit - ???/2013High Spy North Top
Iron Crag [Ennerdale Fell] summitsummit - ???/2013Iron Crag [Ennerdale Fell]
Honister Crag [Black Star] summitsummit - ???/2013Honister Crag [Black Star]
Little Gowder Crag summitsummit - ???/2013Little Gowder Crag
Crinkle Crags South Top [First Crinkle] summitsummit - ???/2013Crinkle Crags South Top...
Pillar - Black Crag summitsummit - ???/2013Pillar - Black Crag
Shelter Crags summitsummit - ???/2013Shelter Crags
Bowfell North Top summitsummit - ???/2013Bowfell North Top
Ill Crag summitsummit - ???/2013Ill Crag
Broad Crag summitsummit - ???/2013Broad Crag
Sand Hill summitsummit - ???/2013Sand Hill
Round How summitsummit - ???/2013Round How
Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton Head] summitsummit - ???/2013Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton...
Kirk Fell East Top [Kirk Fell North Top] summitsummit - ???/2013Kirk Fell East Top [Kirk Fell...
Shelter Crags North Top summitsummit - ???/2013Shelter Crags North Top
Tarn Crag (Sleddale) summitsummit - ???/2013Tarn Crag (Sleddale)
Rough Crag (Riggindale) summitsummit - ???/2013Rough Crag (Riggindale)
Grey Crag [Sleddale Fell] summitsummit - ???/2013Grey Crag [Sleddale Fell]
Striding Edge summitsummit - ???/2013Striding Edge
Helvellyn - Lower Man summitsummit - ???/2013Helvellyn - Lower Man
Harter Fell (Mardale) summitsummit - ???/2013Harter Fell (Mardale)
White Maiden summitsummit - ???/2013White Maiden
Walna Scar summitsummit - ???/2013Walna Scar
Little Dun Fell summitsummit - ???/2013Little Dun Fell
Great Dun Fell summitsummit - ???/2013Great Dun Fell
Green Hill summitsummit - ???/2013Green Hill
Gragareth summitsummit - ???/2013Gragareth
Simon Fell summitsummit - ???/2013Simon Fell
Bleaklow Head summitsummit - ???/2013Bleaklow Head
Higher Shelf Stones summitsummit - ???/2013Higher Shelf Stones
Baystones summitsummit - ???/2011Baystones
Black Combe summitsummit - ???/2011Black Combe
Gummer's How summitsummit - ???/2011Gummer's How
Cross Fell summitsummit - ???/2011Cross Fell
Nine Standards Rigg summitsummit - ???/2011Nine Standards Rigg
Whernside summitsummit - ???/2011Whernside
Ingleborough summitsummit - ???/2011Ingleborough
Great Whernside summitsummit - ???/2011Great Whernside
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