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NameStyleDate Crag name
Hennessy HeightsTR dnf03/May/14Bowles Rocks
Fragile AreteTR rpt03/May/14Bowles Rocks
EscalatorTR rpt03/May/14Bowles Rocks
Pop's ChimneyTR03/May/14Bowles Rocks
AlkaTR rpt03/May/14Bowles Rocks
DiversionTR dnf12/Apr/14Harrisons Rocks
Spider WallTR dog12/Apr/14Harrisons Rocks
ShodanTR dnf12/Apr/14Harrisons Rocks
Half-Crown CornerTR dnf12/Apr/14Harrisons Rocks
RiftTR dog05/Apr/14Harrisons Rocks
Karma e gessoTR O/S19/Mar/14Wied Babu - East Side
Bentornati a MaltaTR O/S18/Mar/14Wied Babu - East Side
Overhanging CrackTR O/S18/Mar/14Wied Babu - East Side
AcidaTR O/S18/Mar/14Wied Babu - East Side
Call out the CopsTR O/S18/Mar/14Wied Babu - West Side
TopkapiTR O/S18/Mar/14Wied Babu - West Side
Owls Nest CrackTR O/S18/Mar/14Wied Babu - East Side
Rock LobsterLead O/S16/Mar/14Monolith Buttress
MeanderLead O/S16/Mar/14Monolith Buttress
Bronwen Buttress2nd O/S14/Mar/14Ghar Lapsi
Boobs and Snatch2nd O/S14/Mar/14Ghar Lapsi
Commando Ratlines2nd O/S14/Mar/14Ghar Lapsi
Harden GullySolo30/Oct/13Bowles Rocks
Six FootTR rpt30/Oct/13Bowles Rocks
LarchantTR dog30/Oct/13Bowles Rocks
Fragile WallTR rpt30/Oct/13Bowles Rocks
Fragile AreteTR O/S30/Oct/13Bowles Rocks
EscalatorTR O/S30/Oct/13Bowles Rocks
Pop's ChimneyTR O/S30/Oct/13Bowles Rocks
CarreraTR dnf09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Root Route 1 1/2TR RP09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Root Route 1TR rpt09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Long LaybackTR O/S09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
PelmetTR RP09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Tame VariantSolo rpt09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
HandviceTR dnf09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Spider WallTR dnf09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Grant's CrackTR RP09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Wander at LeisureTR rpt09/Oct/13Harrisons Rocks
Slab (a.k.a. Diabollickal Crack)TR O/S28/Sep/13Harrisons Rocks
small wallTR RP28/Sep/13Harrisons Rocks
SenarraTR O/S28/Sep/13Harrisons Rocks
Fragile WallTR rpt18/Sep/13Bowles Rocks
SapperTR O/S18/Sep/13Bowles Rocks
Pig's NoseTR O/S18/Sep/13Bowles Rocks
Six FootTR O/S18/Sep/13Bowles Rocks
Four-by-TwoTR O/S08/Sep/13Bowles Rocks
Pull ThroughTR O/S08/Sep/13Bowles Rocks
Lee EnfieldTR O/S08/Sep/13Bowles Rocks
E.S. Cadet NoseTR β08/Sep/13Bowles Rocks