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NameStyleDate Crag name
Fight the butcherLead O/S22/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
No money no danceLead RP22/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Maja (first loweroff)Lead O/S22/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Star LineLead O/S22/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Brazilia CarnavalLead O/S22/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
FirtinaLead O/S20/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Turkish StandardLead O/S20/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Lycian Highway (Short)Lead O/S20/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
California DreamingLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Alex Kohler MemorialLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Luna ParkLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Global Warming (geyikbayiri)Lead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Rocket ManLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
CamelitaLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Phallus Diaboli (P1)Lead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
AquaductLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
California DreamingLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
YilanLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Freedom is a Battle (Short)Lead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Rattlesnake SaloonLead O/S19/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Gangster BrautLead O/S17/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
RevolverheldLead O/S17/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Julia & Romeo (1st lower off)Lead O/S17/Oct/14Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Minus TenLead O/S10/Aug/14Stoney Middleton
Tom's OriginalSent x10/Aug/14Stoney Middleton
Croton OilLead O/S21/Jul/14Rivelin Edge
The Brush Off2nd O/S21/Jul/14Rivelin Edge
Bilberry Crack (Bamford)Solo18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Recess CrackSolo18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Recess GrooveSolo18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Nemmes Pas HarryLead O/S18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Brown's CrackSolo O/S18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Gargoyle FlakeSolo O/S18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Wrong Hand RouteLead O/S18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Skarlati2nd18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
The CreaseLead O/S18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Jumping Jack Longland2nd18/Jul/14Bamford Edge
Crack and CornerSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Cool GrooveSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
CakestandSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Two Tier ClimbSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Manchester ButtressSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Beggar's CrackSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Tinker's CrackSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
AnatomySolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
PhysiologySolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Gargoyle ButtressSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Gargoyle VariantSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Right (Blizzard Chimney)Solo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell CrackSolo17/Jul/14Stanage Popular