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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
E Honda V8 Sent x 27/Sep GOP Cave bouldering
Blokesmoker V7 Sent x 27/Sep GOP Cave bouldering
Pantomime 7b+ ** Lead β 21/Sep Kilnsey
The Thumb 8a *** Lead RP 21/Sep Kilnsey
Bat Route 8c *** Lead RP 18/Sep Malham Cove
Yosemite Wall 7a+ *** Lead rpt 16/Sep Malham Cove
Predator 8b *** Lead RP 09/Sep Malham Cove
Grooved Arete 8a+ *** Lead RP 08/Sep Kilnsey
Myra Hindley 7c * Lead RP 06/Sep Kilnsey
Dead Calm 7c+ *** Lead RP 02/Sep Kilnsey
The Alternative Extra Option 7a+ ** Lead rpt 31/Aug Kilnsey
Free and Even Easier 7a+ ** Lead β 30/Aug Malham Cove
Le Lapin 8a * Lead RP 29/Aug Kilnsey
Sticky Wicket - The Ashes (link up) 8a ** Lead RP 27/Aug Kilnsey
50 for 5 - The Ashes (link up) 8a+ Lead RP 26/Aug Kilnsey
Angel Heart 7c+ * Lead RP 23/Aug Troller's Gill
Barguest Direct 7a *** Lead β 23/Aug Troller's Gill
The Jim Grin 7a *** Lead O/S 23/Aug Troller's Gill
50 for 5 7b+ * Lead RP 21/Aug Kilnsey
Mandela 8a+ *** Lead RP 16/Aug Kilnsey
Kilnsey Main Overhang A2 *** Lead 06/Aug Kilnsey
Les Rifougneurs Extension 7c *** Lead RP 02/Aug Saint Leger
Les Rifougneurs 7a *** Lead O/S 02/Aug Saint Leger
Macadam Cow-boy 7a *** Lead O/S 02/Aug Saint Leger
La Chevauchée Fantastique 7a *** Lead O/S 02/Aug Saint Leger