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NameStyleDate Crag name
Emotional Dyslexia2nd O/S03/Sep/10Shorn Cliff
Heavy Plant CrossingLead O/S03/Sep/10Shorn Cliff
Hydraulic JumpLead O/S03/Sep/10Shorn Cliff
Freedom2nd O/S09/Aug/10Wintour's Leap
A Right Carry OnAltLd rpt07/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Peacock2nd rpt07/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Golden Fleece2nd rpt07/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Arrow Root (1)Lead O/S07/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Indecisive Victory2nd rpt26/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Artificial InseminationTR O/S26/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
The Long ReachTR rpt26/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Central Rib Route IAltLd O/S23/Jul/10Wintour's Leap
MothLead O/S23/Jul/10Wintour's Leap
Another Brick in the WallLead O/S19/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Wolf WhistleLead O/S19/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Cry WolfLead O/S19/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
...One for AllLead O/S19/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Home is where the URL isLead rpt16/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
HyperactiveLead rpt16/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Feline GroovyLead rpt16/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Land of Hype and GloryLead rpt16/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Don't panic, Climb Organic.Lead rpt16/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Just a MoLead rpt16/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Toys 4 BoysLead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
So, Graham NortonLead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Land of Hype and GloryLead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Sea of ChangeLead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Ghetto FabulousLead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Puffed DaddyLead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
More Fluff than StuffLead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Don't panic, Climb Organic.Lead O/S11/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Same Old StoryLead rpt06/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
Flowstone WallLead rpt06/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
Wot! No EricLead rpt06/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
Can't 'MemberLead rpt06/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
Sweet FATR O/S06/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
Just a MoLead O/S04/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
HyperwarLead O/S04/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
HyperactiveLead O/S04/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Feline GroovyLead O/S04/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Home is where the URL isLead O/S04/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
HumboltLead O/S04/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
State of IndependenceLead O/S02/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Organ Grinder2nd O/S02/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
The Iron CurtainLead rpt01/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Indecisive VictoryLead rpt01/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
AcousticLead O/S01/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
Alta VistaLead rpt01/Jul/10Shorn Cliff
The Iron CurtainLead rpt28/Jun/10Shorn Cliff
GargoyleLead rpt28/Jun/10Shorn Cliff