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NameStyleDate Crag name
Attack RunLead RP31/Dec/14Dragon City
Un Named 7aLead β31/Dec/14Dragon City
ThunderLead RP30/Dec/14Lei Pi Shan
Fire BirdLead O/S27/Dec/14White Mountain
The PheonixLead RP27/Dec/14White Mountain
White DevilLead RP26/Dec/14White Mountain
Merry XmasLead O/S23/Dec/14White Mountain
China WhiteLead RP23/Dec/14White Mountain
Tod Skinner LineLead RP22/Dec/14Banyan Tree
Draggin' AlongLead RP25/Oct/14Cheddar Gorge South
Tide RisingLead β18/Oct/14Brean Down
Black Wall IndirectLead RP28/Sep/14Trial Wall
The RavenLead O/S27/Sep/14Minchen Hole
One Ton Depot-07/Sep/14Shipwreck Cove
Window of OpportunitySolo RP24/Aug/14Lulworth
The MaypoleSolo β24/Aug/14Lulworth
Animal MagnetismSolo β24/Aug/14Lulworth
Horny Lil' DevilSolo β24/Aug/14Lulworth
Davey Jones' Lock-offSolo O/S23/Aug/14Fishermans Ledge
The CongerSolo O/S23/Aug/14Fishermans Ledge
Freeborn ManSolo O/S23/Aug/14Fishermans Ledge
Troubled WatersSolo O/S23/Aug/14Fishermans Ledge
DynamiteSolo O/S17/Aug/14Skomar Arch Area
Sea legSolo O/S17/Aug/14Skomar Arch Area
Nobodys heroSolo O/S17/Aug/14Skomar Arch Area
Love actionSolo β17/Aug/14Skrinkle Haven
Strange loveSolo β17/Aug/14Skrinkle Haven
Wet T-Shirt ContestSolo β16/Aug/14Broadhaven Cove
Broadhaven TraverseSolo O/S16/Aug/14Broadhaven Cove
White Rhino TeaSolo β03/Aug/14Berry Head (Coastguard Cliffs)
Pink RoadsterSolo β03/Aug/14Berry Head (Coastguard Cliffs)
Rainbow BridgeSolo β03/Aug/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Rainbow ScoopSolo β03/Aug/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
AeronauticsSolo β03/Aug/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
SkullduggeryLead17/Jul/14Cheddar Gorge North
Empire of the Sun-15/Jun/14Anstey's Cove
Bulking AgentLead RP12/Jun/14Avon Gorge (New Quarry)
No Crag for Old MenLead RP12/Jun/14Avon Gorge (New Quarry)
En TrendLead RP12/Jun/14Avon Gorge (New Quarry)
ElysiumLead O/S12/Jun/14Boulder Ruckle
House Burning DownLead RP10/Jun/14Cheddar Gorge North
The Cutting EdgeLead26/May/14The Cuttings
RustlerLead O/S20/May/14Cheddar Gorge North
Army DreamersLead O/S17/May/14St. Govan's Head
The ButcherLead O/S17/May/14St. Govan's Head
But Incest is BestLead O/S17/May/14St. Govan's Head
The Beast from the UndergrowthLead O/S17/May/14Huntsman's Leap
Dinosaur BeachLead13/May/14Avon Gorge (New Quarry)
Bitter and TwistedLead β13/May/14Avon Gorge (New Quarry)
All Hands to the PumpLead RP06/May/14Cheddar Gorge North