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NameStyleDate Crag name
Spock's MissingLead RP18/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Poetry PinkLead O/S15/Mar/15Rainbow Slab Area
Pull My DaisyLead O/S15/Mar/15Rainbow Slab Area
Origin of SpeciesLead RP07/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Long John's SlabSolo O/S07/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Science FrictionLead RP06/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Silver LiningLead RP06/Mar/15Froggatt Edge
Crescent AreteSent O/S01/Mar/15Stanage Plantation
Crescent Arete Right-HandSent O/S01/Mar/15Stanage Plantation
BelladonnaLead O/S28/Feb/15Castle Naze
SandboxSolo rpt20/Feb/15New Mills Torrs
Alcove CrackSolo rpt20/Feb/15New Mills Torrs
Last Tango in ParisLead O/S15/Feb/15Vivian Quarry
ValkyrieAltLd O/S??/Jan/15Roaches Lower Tier
Scoop WallLead O/S???/2015Castle Naze
NarcissusSolo G/U30/Nov/14Froggatt Edge
Oedipus Ring Your MotherSolo O/S30/Nov/14Froggatt Edge
Hallelujah ChorusTR RP25/Nov/14New Mills Torrs
CrossoverLead O/S09/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Pegasus WallLead O/S09/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
CometLead O/S09/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
ComusTR RP09/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
A Miller's Tale StartSent02/Nov/14Water-cum-Jolly
Mataillos LugarenosLead O/S26/Oct/14Las Encantadas
SaraLead O/S25/Oct/14Las Encantadas
ZeppelinLead25/Oct/14El Chorro - Lower Gorge
Liron Careto Pitch 1Lead O/S24/Oct/14Desplomilandia
Buena sombreLead O/S24/Oct/14Desplomilandia
MenasatruaLead O/S24/Oct/14Desplomilandia
El Amigo de Kunfu PandaLead O/S24/Oct/14Desplomilandia
Hilando finoLead RP22/Oct/14Desplomilandia
AmptraxLead O/S22/Oct/14Frontalas Bajas
Yogur de CocoLead O/S18/Oct/14Desplomilandia
JudasLead O/S18/Oct/14Desplomilandia
ReddersLead RP18/Oct/14Las Encantadas
La ley del CatetoLead O/S17/Oct/14Las Encantadas
Max Head RoomLead O/S12/Oct/14Chee Dale Upper
Max Pax 'em InLead RP12/Oct/14Chee Dale Upper
Further Adventures in GreendaleLead O/S07/Oct/14Chee Dale Lower
The Green TraverseSent x05/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Cry of DespairLead RP21/Sep/14Chee Dale Lower
Up the River Without a PaddleLead RP17/Sep/14Chee Dale Lower
Megalithic ManLead O/S14/Sep/14Horseshoe Quarry
RageLead O/S14/Sep/14Horseshoe Quarry
Vent Your SpleenLead dog13/Sep/14Horseshoe Quarry
Demolition ManLead RP13/Sep/14Horseshoe Quarry
Barefoot in a Pool of SharksLead RP16/Aug/14Chee Dale Upper
Max PactLead O/S16/Aug/14Chee Dale Upper
SlapLead RP16/Aug/14New Mills Torrs
Max 'is WallLead O/S09/Aug/14Chee Dale Upper