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Logbook for a.m.k.

37 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Gangway ClimbVD **2ndJames20/Sep/14Castle Rock of Triermain
Sharp as GlassS 2ndJames19/Sep/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Jolly RogerHS 4b 2ndJames19/Sep/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
The NeedleVD *2ndJames19/Sep/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Left EdgeS **2ndMike18/Jun/14Traprain Law
Sabre CutVS 5a **2ndMike18/Jun/14Traprain Law
Great CornerS **2ndMike18/Jun/14Traprain Law
Flake 4S LeadMike18/Jun/14Traprain Law
FalsefaceS *2ndJames06/Jun/14Traprain Law
Great CornerS **2ndJames06/Jun/14Traprain Law
FalsefaceS *2nd 21/May/14Traprain Law
SteptoeS *2ndJames21/May/14Traprain Law
GauchoHVS 5a **2ndAlison14/May/14Hawkcraig
Slack AliceHS 2ndAlison14/May/14Hawkcraig
EurekaVS 5a *2ndAlison14/May/14Hawkcraig
Kestrel CrackS *2ndAlison25/Aug/13Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
The RutVS 5a **2ndAlison25/Aug/13Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
The LillyS **2nd 07/Aug/13Hawkcraig
Ugh!HS *2ndMike, Fiona07/Aug/13Hawkcraig
Rebel's GrooveVS 5a *2ndMike, Fiona07/Aug/13Hawkcraig
Gunga DinS **LeadMike, Fiona07/Aug/13Hawkcraig
Pot of GoldS 4a **2ndAlison04/Aug/13Coire an t'Sneachda
Right Hand GrooveVD LeadK, Alison03/Aug/13Huntly's Cave
Cave RouteHS 4b ***2ndK, Alison03/Aug/13Huntly's Cave
DiagonalVS 4c ***2ndK, Alison03/Aug/13Huntly's Cave
Step OverVD 2ndK03/Aug/13Huntly's Cave
Left EdgeS **2ndKatrina, Chris31/Jul/13Traprain Law
Great CornerS **2ndKatrina, Chris31/Jul/13Traprain Law
AsinineVS 5a **2ndKatrina, Chris03/Jul/13Hawkcraig
Pain PillarVS 4c ***2ndKatrina, Chris03/Jul/13Hawkcraig
Retard AreteVS 5a 2ndJames G, Alison19/Jun/13Traprain Law
The DirettissimaVS 4c *2ndJames G, Alison19/Jun/13Traprain Law
PinchHS *2ndJames G, Alison19/Jun/13Traprain Law
Fake RouteS *2nd ??/Jun/13Traprain Law
FalsefaceS *2nd ??/Jun/13Traprain Law
DeceptionVD 2nd ??/Jun/13Traprain Law
Great CornerS **2nd ??/Jun/13Traprain Law