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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Vocna Salata5a Lead O/SHB12/Oct/14Rovinj
Ananas5a Lead O/SHB12/Oct/14Rovinj
Kosir5c Lead O/SHB12/Oct/14Rovinj
Slalom6a Lead O/SHB12/Oct/14Rovinj
Mr. Biz6a Lead O/SHB12/Oct/14Rovinj
Mendula5c Lead O/SHB12/Oct/14Rovinj
Garbin6a+ Lead O/SHB12/Oct/14Rovinj
Me lo Sposo5c Lead O/SHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Bezimeni5a Lead O/SHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Unknown. Route 165a Lead O/SHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Crepe Susette5c Lead O/SHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Tic6a Lead O/SHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Navarin6a Lead O/SHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Bakin6a Lead O/SHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Toni Sandwich5c Lead dogHB11/Oct/14Rovinj
Marina6a Lead O/SHB08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Orao5c Lead O/SHB08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Butter Keks5c Lead O/SHB08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Jupi6a Lead O/SHB08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
BoraF4+ AltLd O/SHB07/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Zajcek4c Lead O/SHB07/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Nasti Put4c Lead O/SHB04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Edi5a Lead O/SHB04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Zima5c Lead O/SHB04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Matane ti si Car!6a Lead O/SHB04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Cuja ti si Bog!5a Lead O/SHB04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Žuna5a Lead O/SHB01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
H.S.V.5a Lead O/SHB01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Kadi si?5c Lead O/SHB01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Bevanda5c Lead O/SHB01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Over Dub5c Lead O/SHB01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
As5a Lead O/SHB01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Fleissige Villi6a Lead O/SHB01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Baliban4a Lead O/SHB30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Ogulinac5a Lead O/SHB30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Psihoza5a Lead O/SHB30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Pecena Kokoš5a Lead O/SHB30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
La Bamba5a Lead O/SHB30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Yugo 455a Lead O/SHB30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Potres6a Lead O/SHB30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Auhe5a Lead O/SHB26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Wiener Würstchen5a Lead O/SHB26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Strije5a Lead O/SHB26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Make Up4c Lead O/SHB26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Capitan Corragiosi5c Lead O/SHB26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Onofrio6a Lead dogHB26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Cuja ti si Bog i Batina!5a Lead O/SHB24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Onaj Tamo!5a Lead O/SHB24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Jež5c Lead O/SHB24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Helena6a+ Lead dogHB24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
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