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NameStyleDate Crag name
Vocna SalataLead O/S12/Oct/14Rovinj
AnanasLead O/S12/Oct/14Rovinj
KosirLead O/S12/Oct/14Rovinj
SlalomLead O/S12/Oct/14Rovinj
Mr. BizLead O/S12/Oct/14Rovinj
MendulaLead O/S12/Oct/14Rovinj
GarbinLead O/S12/Oct/14Rovinj
Me lo SposoLead O/S11/Oct/14Rovinj
BezimeniLead O/S11/Oct/14Rovinj
Unknown. Route 16Lead O/S11/Oct/14Rovinj
Crepe SusetteLead O/S11/Oct/14Rovinj
TicLead O/S11/Oct/14Rovinj
NavarinLead O/S11/Oct/14Rovinj
BakinLead O/S11/Oct/14Rovinj
Toni SandwichLead dog11/Oct/14Rovinj
MarinaLead O/S08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
OraoLead O/S08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Butter KeksLead O/S08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
JupiLead O/S08/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
BoraAltLd O/S07/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
ZajcekLead O/S07/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Nasti PutLead O/S04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
EdiLead O/S04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
ZimaLead O/S04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Matane ti si Car!Lead O/S04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Cuja ti si Bog!Lead O/S04/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
ŽunaLead O/S01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
H.S.V.Lead O/S01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Kadi si?Lead O/S01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
BevandaLead O/S01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Over DubLead O/S01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
AsLead O/S01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
Fleissige VilliLead O/S01/Oct/14Paklenica Gorge
BalibanLead O/S30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
OgulinacLead O/S30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
PsihozaLead O/S30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Pecena KokošLead O/S30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
La BambaLead O/S30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Yugo 45Lead O/S30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
PotresLead O/S30/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
AuheLead O/S26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Wiener WürstchenLead O/S26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
StrijeLead O/S26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Make UpLead O/S26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Capitan CorragiosiLead O/S26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
OnofrioLead dog26/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Cuja ti si Bog i Batina!Lead O/S24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
Onaj Tamo!Lead O/S24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
JežLead O/S24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
HelenaLead dog24/Sep/14Paklenica Gorge
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