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Logbook for Jennie H

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
La Plage4a Lead rptDavid19/Aug/14Kirrie Hill
Crocodile Corner5c TR dogDavid19/Aug/14Kirrie Hill
By Hook or by Crook5a TR dogDavid19/Aug/14Kirrie Hill
Stiff Little Fingers6b **Lead dnfDavid19/Aug/14Kirrie Hill
Route zero4c Lead βDavid15/Aug/14Benny Beg
Bill and Benny the Flower Pot Men3 Lead rptDavid15/Aug/14Benny Beg
Driven Round The Benny'd5c TR rptDavid15/Aug/14Benny Beg
Benny and The Banshee's4a Lead dogDavid15/Aug/14Benny Beg
Scorchio5a *TR rptDavid15/Aug/14Benny Beg
Route 84a **Lead βDavid15/Aug/14Benny Beg
Never Never Land6a+ TR dogEphraim, David04/Aug/14Kirrie Hill
Wings Would Help6a+ TR dnfEphraim, David04/Aug/14Kirrie Hill
Wrong Turn5c TR dogEphraim, David04/Aug/14Kirrie Hill
North Face RouteS **2ndjustina, David24/Jul/14Buachaille Etive Mor
The Twa Dogs6c Lead dnfewan, justina, David22/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
Fat Boy Slims4c Lead rptewan, justina, David22/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
Crocodile Corner5c TR dogewan, justina, David22/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
Wrong Turn5c Lead dogewan, justina, David22/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
True Path6a TR dogewan, justina, David22/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
The Twa Dogs6c TR dogDavid18/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
When Annabelle met Tinkerbell6a *TR dogDavid18/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
The Hill has Eyes5a TR dogDavid15/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
Wrong Turn5c Lead dogDavid15/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
Benny and The Banshee's4a TR rptDavid29/May/14Benny Beg
United Colours of Bennyton3 Lead rptDavid29/May/14Benny Beg
Beguile5a TR dogDavid29/May/14Benny Beg
Ally's in Wonderland3+ Lead RPDavid29/May/14Benny Beg
Sombre Reptiles5c Lead dogDavid14/May/14Kirrie Hill
Grassy Knoll6a TR dnfDavid14/May/14Kirrie Hill
Fat of the Land6b TR dogDavid14/May/14Kirrie Hill
Fat Boy Slims4c Lead dogDavid14/May/14Kirrie Hill
East Lomond summitsummit -David11/May/14East Lomond
Sombre Reptiles5c TR dogDavid08/May/14Kirrie Hill
Tim'rous Beastie6a TR dogDavid08/May/14Kirrie Hill
Sonsie Face6a TR dogDavid08/May/14Kirrie Hill
Screwless3 Lead rptDavid08/May/14Kirrie Hill
The Hill has Eyes5a TR dogDavid08/May/14Kirrie Hill
Fat Boy Slims4c Lead dogDavid08/May/14Kirrie Hill
Wrong Turn5c TR dogDavid06/May/14Kirrie Hill
Finger Piercing4a *TR rptDavid19/Oct/13Afternoon
Megaburger5a TR dogDavid19/Oct/13The Spartan Walls
Organizer4a *TR dogDavid19/Oct/13The Spartan Walls
Karlomanos5a **TR βDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Fat Boys' Arete4a **Lead dnfDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Drosia5a **TR βDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Glaros4c **Lead rptDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Hellas4c **Lead dnfDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Sea Parc5a **TR βDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Charika Poli5a **TR βDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
Fiona3+ *Lead O/SDavid18/Oct/13Sea Breeze
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